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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

New Way To Download With Your Glo 0.0kb Using UC Mini Handler

I last updated how to use your uc mini handler to connect with glo 0.0kb but many complained that is working and browsing very fast no more slow like before but not yet downloading with full speed.

I have tried many things, but at last I have come out with answer to being the solution to that problem affecting the glo 0.0kb on uc mini handler. Well, this method depends on your uc mini handler settings configured. I have been looking for the possible solutions to this unlimited free browsing on psiphon using glo 0.0kb that's why I delayed to post this topics straight away.

So I will posting of how to make your uc mini handler download using glo 0.0kb Unlimited free browsing.

How to download with uc mini handler on Glo 0.0kb Unlimited Free browsing

Firstly, download uc mini handler by clicking here. Then apply the glo 0.0kb uc mini settings in it as explained below.

APN settings:

Use default APN settings

Configuration on uc mini handler 

Proxy type: Real host
Proxy server:
Real proxy type: HTTP or DEFAULT
Real proxy port: 80 or 8080

As shown in the screenshot below:

Additional settings to make it download unlimitedly 

Device user-agent: Choose Android or choose any phone you are using.

Web user-agent: Choose Opera or use any browser of Your choice.

Handler download limit: In the handler download limit, you will see 10 that means your downloads will stop at 10mb so increase it very well hmm 1024mb is 1gb so if is 6gb files you will like to be downloading kindly insert 6144 don't put the MB or GB just insert the number.

As shown in the screenshot below:.

Then that's all, Click on OK then start downloading your files unlimitedly and blazing also.

See how am downloading with it here below:

Is it helpful? If you have more questions to ask or if you encounter any problem while setting this up, kindly tell us below and we will help you out with the solutions and if it work for you, kindly share your experience below here in the comment box.

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  1. Me too, mine is browsing very fast but not downloading.

  2. Like mine is browsing very fast, but it is nt downloading oh

  3. Mine is not downloading but browsing fast..

  4. Hello blazers, as I have promised you guys that I will update you guys with the settings so I have done it now. See it above!

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Do the settings first before complaining then forget about screenshot. Come back and tell me your result. That syphonshield is not from my website, i was just downloading it from nowhere in order to show you guys of how the glo 0.0kb is downloading. So as you can see is working

  6. Honestly, why these deceits, you n I know this stuff only downloads the syphone you posted on your website n doesn't download anything else, even your munch further proves it,cmon you're better than this

    1. Wait is it because of the screenshot, that syphonshield am downloading is different from the one on my website. Ok let me show u more screenshots. Please checkout before you complain

  7. I noticed you guys complained that it only download the sypon shield on my website meanwhile I don't have sypon shield in this web, so I have uploaded another screenshot above where I was downloading ppsspp games. Please blazers always do the settings first and don't follow screenshots.

  8. After doing all d settings it's still not downloading, is it only files we can use it to download?

  9. Pls giv us a real and lasting solution, I av strong 3g glo network in my house, done this settings but not downloading anything (not even file, music, videos & apps).. Dis glo download with psiphon but to slow and disconnect often

  10. Ok it seems this new settings doesn't work for you guys ok i will update you guys with another settings when I have make my research.


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