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Monday, 18 July 2016

New Way To Disable/Cancel/Deactivate Data Auto Renewal On Glo, Mtn, Etisalat, Airtel

I am very happy today to release this code to all blazer fans and guest following this blog and even outsiders that are at least peeping on this blog ( This topic is a really great one that will help you opt out from Etisalat, mtn, glo and airtel data autorenewal which has been to the sneaking deduction of money from people's account in other to benefit from it. This data autorenewal that has been brought by these networks in nigeria can be good in some situations and in some other situation, it is like a nail in the flesh.

Sometimes you load a recharge card and you successfully subscribed for a data plan and after being used, you might have forgotten that you subscribed for a data plan so in your next recharge, your credit will be deducted immediately to re-subscribe for it hmmm maybe you wanted to use it to call or for urgent stuffs and the network automatically renewed it and subscribed for you. This stuff is not supposed to be done like that, that means you will have to look for another code to stop it and is not everyone that knows how to cram a code.

So I have compiled the codes to deactivate/cancel or disable this trash called the DATA AUTORENEWAL hmm if you know, you still like it don't bother to follow. So I will be posting all code now below;

How To Disable Or Stop Data Autorenewal On MTN, Etisalat, Glo and Airtel Networks

1. MTN NETWORK: Mtn is the best for data autorenewal, they deduct immediately as fast as possible to renew their data plan for any user who has forgotten to opt out or stop auto renewal for the plan. So I have their code to stop that data autorenewal stuffs. Go to your message box and send NO to 131 then you have been successfully opted out of any data plans or bundles.

Other plans

  • To stop Musicplus auto renewal send CANCEL7D or STOP to 5900.
  • To stop Gameplus Autorenewal kindly send STOPGM to 2200.
Note: If you use a particular keywords in the others kindly send that keyword to the keyword you use in subscription like STOPGM to 2200 is to stop Gameplus monthly but if you subscribed for GW to 2200 kindly send STOPGW to stop it.

2. ETISALAT NETWORK: Etisalat is also worst in deducting money for data autorenewal hmm their own is Always frustrating sometimes. So to stop all this data autorenewal renewal in Etisalat network kindly go to your message box and send STOP to 229 or dial *229*0# and immediately you have been opted out from all autorenewal successfully.

3. AIRTEL NETWORK: This network is slow in re-subscribing which means they alert at least for auto renewal so yo u may be on airtel BIS or BB10 so if you want to option out from all these auto renewal kindly go to your message box and send StopAutoRenew to 440 and you will be opted out successfully.

4. GLO NETWORK: It is no more news that once you are subscribed to any glo data plan, chances are that it will get renewed immediately it reaches validity date and as long as the credit on your SIM is up to to the amount for that data package, it will be deducted. So if you want to opt out from these stuffs kindly go to your message box and send CANCEL to 127 then you are successfully free from their stuffs also.

So now, I think you are successfully freed from data autorenewal from all this networks then if you want to subscribe for any data plan kindly find the autorenewal to be disabled code in other not to fall victim again. So this is how you deactivate/cancel/stop autorenewal on all networks in nigeria.

Is it helpful? Kindly ask questions, if you don't understand and you can also ask more questions if you are on any plan that you are finding difficult to opt out from then we will resolve that immediately.

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