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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

New Way To Activate MTN 50Naira For N150MB Using Psiphon

Mtn released this wonderful offer before as free trial to win free 150MB but because many people had congested the source data by using Psiphon to bypass and sock it freely so mtn decided to block it's free trial mode and now, it attracts only 50naira to activate this plan. So this plan is called GAMEPLUS or GAME+ from Mtn.

Mtn has blocked many of their data free or paid plans from being used through vpns like psiphon, netify and many others and some free trial 150mb they blocked was Musicplus free 150mb, Comedyplus free 150mb data and even music plus data can't be seen fully anymore.

So I have decided to share this Mtn 150mb for 50naira for you guys but I know it will be too small for some users here especially the heavy downloaders like me and blazers here. So manage it and follow the process below to activate this wonderful plan.

How to activate the Mtn 50naira for 150mb

To activate this Gameplus data, kindly go to your message and send JW to 2200 immediately a message will pop out of your screen telling you to buy the Gameplus data for just 50naira only for a week then press 1 and ok to ACCEPT for the plan just as seen in the screenshot below.

Then you will given the 150mb instantly while your 50naira will be deducted as soon as the accept key is pressed.

How to renew the 150mb with 50naira after exhausted

Go to text message and send STOPGM to 2200 then  you will a message telling you have successfully unsubscribed so then send this message back JW to 2200.

Whats the validity period?

It expires every 7days.

How can I use the data of 50naira for 150mb from mtn

So to get this done, you have to download Psiphon VPN by clicking here or if you have psiphon already kindly go on wih the tutorial and skip here. You can download any version of your choice because all works with it even netify VPN works with the game plus free 150MB data.

After downloading the Psiphon of your choice kindly open it and choose TUNNEL WHOLE DEVICE if anything like that pop out after download.





As shown below:

Then after that is done, you can now click on SAVE and go to OPTIONS then choose UNITED STATE or you can also use BEST PERFORMANCE hmmm but I used united state in my screenshot below.

Then after that is done, then go to MORE OPTIONS and in your HOST ADDRESS insert and in PORT insert 8080 as shown in the screenshot below.

Then  your settings are done kindly go back and connect your Psiphon  then click STATS to see your Psiphon reading like this below.

So your settings are done. Just leave your phone APN in default or you can add as proxy and port as 8080 if you like and start browsing but if you know this article or post is helpful to you kindly drop your comment to encourage others about it too.

So does it work for you or not? Drop comment now because Blazerwap blaze!


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