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Friday, 1 July 2016

New Way On How To Use Your Etisalat Unlimited BBLITE Using Tweakware

Etisalat BBLITE can now be used on updated Tweakware vpn from playstore so it is very easy to use here than the formal post I published that says "New UC MINI Handler Now Working Using Etisalat Unlimited BBLITE Plans". That post works only when you are using the uc mini and on playstore with blacksmart but it doesn't work on all applications but with this Tweakware, you will be able to watch film on YouTube that means streaming of videos, download from playstore and many things but it now has data limits of 200mb per day.

So when I tested it, it was working with the new one free server that was brought for us to use. Well, you can use it without using the premium version so start blazing your BBLITE before many people knows about it and by that time Tweakware will start having Maximum users using the application and it will be hard for you to connect easily. So let's start!

How to connect my Etisalat Unlimited BBLITE to Tweakware 

Firstly, you have to download the Tweakware vpn from playstore, the updated version or from  HERE . If you have the vpn before kindly update it in order to see the new pre-configured bundle (Etisalat bb10). One advantage that Tweakware has over other vpn apps is that it is already pre-configured for each tweak available so you don't have to configure anything by yourself. 

So open your Tweakware after Installing and then click on SETTINGS at the top then you will see BUNDLE SETTINGS then click it and enable ENABLE BUNDLE SETTINGS so after that choose the BUNDLE SETTINGS of (NG ETISALAT BB10) in the SELECT BUNDLE SETTINGS. As shown in the screenshots below.

So go back and connect with FREE SERVER because all those countries there are not free, they are premium and you will be connected after successful handshakes then it will be in this form when you are connected.

So you can now start blazing unlimitedly with your etisalat Bblite so is it helpful? If you have any questions or you encounter any difficulty while setting this up kindly drop your comments below or if you ger it kindly share your experience to the blazers also.


  1. I have used like 1gb and its still blazing

  2. Am still using did tweak on psiphon and is blazing...

    1. Please check the settings above and start blazing

    2. I mean, can I use it with psiphon?

    3. No is no more working using Psiphon so use Tweakware

    4. @Paul Frank, give us d settings for d syphon

  3. Please my Oga,is it unlimited?because I saw something like 200mb

    1. Is unlimited that 200mb is the daily data cap or data limit of Tweakware.

    2. Is unlimited that 200mb is the daily data cap or data limit of Tweakware.

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