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Sunday, 31 July 2016

New Top Twenty Craziest Questions Some People Ask Google - Digitaloft

Some people are very funny when searching google (search engine) for solution or answers to a particular problem they may found theirself at a particular time or period. That's why we see their questions as wise, craziest, hilarious and intelligent because everybody do ask questions from Google.

So the most craziest search is the one from a lady who asked AM I PREGNANT? from Google because she may think Google has turn a doctor in pregnancy test and others.

According to the title of this post, digitaloft has released the infographic of the top twenty craziest questions that is being carried out in Google search engine for answers and solutions. See it below;

These are not the only questions that has been asked from Google, see below more craziest questions that was also carried out from Google.

QUESTIONS                                 MONTHLY SEARCHES

What Do I Do With My Life?            5,400
Why Does My Belly Button Smell? 4,400
Does My Dog Love Me?                 2,900
What Did I Do Wrong?                 2,400
How Do Sharks Sleep?                 2,400
Is A Fox A Dog?                                 1,900
Why Does My Wee Smell?                 1,300
Where Do Dinosaurs Live?          880
How Do I Hide A Dead Body?          590
Should I Have A Third Baby?          480

So after reading all this, I know you must have one or more craziest questions you do ask from Google so what's the questions?

We will like to hear from you also in the comment box below.


  1. nah. but some ain't that bad o.

    1. Yea Google recommend them as the craziest questions


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