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Saturday, 16 July 2016

New Solution To The Airtel BB10 Or BIS Of 3GB Now Active

It was very bad when I heard some blazers complaint about the sudden problem which is affecting the Airtel 3GB for 1,000naira, meanwhile this is a wonderful data plan that almost 90% of blazers and guest in blazers use for their daily browsing but this Airtel BIS has also helped many people in downloading huge Files also.

Airtel discovered that many users have been tweaking their Imei to blackberry devices to get this wonderful data so they where looking for a way to block it but it seems not to work then they release new data plan called the Airtel 2GB for 200naira and the Airtel 500naira for 4GB so that if anybody that s on the Airtel BId Plan subscribes to it, it will automatically opt the user out of the Airtel BIS so their plan was successfully done and many users fell into the plan because of the cheap data and the worstest thing is that the 2GB and 4GB was only for the 2G network users that means airtel used it for a purpose.

So i am here today to give you the solution to option out of the 2GB and 4GB airtel 2G network plan in order to use the Airtel BIS successfully.

How to option out of the Airtel 2GB And 4GB network of 200naira and 500naira

It is very easy to option out so see it below;

  • Go to your dial pad or phone and dial *482*4# and you will receive an invalid request message.
  • Then reply with * then reply with 3. You will now receive "You've cancelled your 2G pack subscription, and opted out of future renewals."

So that's all! By this time you have successfully option out of the Airtel 2G network data.

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  1. Boss av done dat since

    it still no work
    i had to call d customer care and wat i was told was that its now #1500 for 3gb
    the #1000 own cnt work on bb10
    so they refund back mh money early this morning
    guys no try am ooo
    i don fall victim dats y i make dis comment so dat many ppl wont fall victim too
    bt mind u if u call d customer care ur money wil b refunded bak.

    Nice work boss ..
    help make the eti bblite work with psyphone abeg and the glo is not downloading bt blazin like obama jet

    1. Yea thanks for alerting, all those your requests to make the glo Download and Etisalat BBLITE on Tweakware, will be my next project.


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