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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

New Glo Jollific8 Tariff Plan, Offers 800% Bonus On All Recharges

Globacom has successfully launched another tariff plan called the Jollific8 Tariff Plan which is especially made for the caller fans, this tariff plan is the best for calling because Is cheap and affordable but when it comes to data plan, glo also offers the best and cheapest data plan a person can afford easily. But why I don't like globacom is because of their network issues, meanwhile their network is good in some area and very bad in some areas too. How can you purchase a data or buy a data of maybe 2k for 10GB or 6GB but cannot be used or utilized for Internet access, that's very poor. I think Mike adenuga have to fix this issue before it get out of hand.

So let me tell you more about this new glo tariff plan, so the Jollific8 Tariff plan gives you 800% bonus on any recharge you make on new glo SIM card or line. This certainly means that whenever you are on this plan called the jollific8 and if you Recharge any amount of airtime on your phone or glo sim, you will be given 8 times bonus on that recharge. I hope you have see that is the best plan tariff at the moment for making calls.

Benefits Of Glo Jollific8 Plan

  • You get eight (8) times the value of what you recharge every time.
  • You get free data and free voice on every recharge you make on Jollific8.
  • You can as well share free data with someone else via gift share data.

How does glo jollific8 works?

  • Recharge N100 and you get extra N800 airtime + 10MB
  • Recharge N200 and you will get N1600+N100 (25MB to gift)=N1700
  • Recharge N500 and glo will give you N4000 + N200 (50MB to gift) =N4200
  • Recharge N1000 and get N8000+N400 (100MB to gift)=N8400
  • Recharge N5000 and glo will give you N40k + N2k (500MB to gift)=N42k.
How to activate or subscribe to glo jollific8 tariff plan

Is simple to activate on Glo lines;

  • Buy or find a new glo sim.
  • Register it and let it be activated fully, once you have done that it will be automatically be on jollific8 Tariff Plan.
  • Then dial *123*Pin# and the plan is activated.
How to check your jollific8 data account balance 

To check your account balance dial #122# and to check your gift data also dial *606# then you can start enjoying.
As you can see, is the best tariff plan ever and it is for only new Registered glo lines which means old sim cannot get this tariff plan offer. Glo did this just because they need active subscribers into their list. But what I need from them is to make their network stable across all the countries, until that time before I can be active with globacom.


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