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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

New Free 300MB On Mtn Using Psiphon Vpn - Game+ Accumulated

New mtn free 300mb now out and is working perfectly on psiphon vpn. So this new mtn blazing data cannot be renewed for free at the moment but it work once which means is a little data for the blazers. But I know afterward, I will bring a solution for renewing it. This data that I am expressing was formally known as game+ from Mtn and us working on psiphon vpn unlike Musicplus that was blocked from being used  with vpns. 

If you have done the game+ free formal 150mb before, you are not worthy or entitled to do this on that same sim used. What I mean by that is, you can't do the Gameplus twice on same sim but you can use a new sim or old sim that has not been used for game+.

How to activate this free 300mb on mtn

Go to your message and send  to GM, JW, JM , GW to 2200 and send it one by one not all at once. So you will receive messages like this in three places, which means you receive the 150mb accumulated to 300mb. See it below;
Congratulations! Your 7-day free trial of Game+ has been activated & you have 150MB free data for the service. Click  to get Gidi Run. Dial *559# to check your data balance.

See the screenshot below;

Then check your data balance with *559# and you will see the data like this below in the following screenshot;

So that's how to activate it on mtn Sims.

How to configure it on psiphon for browsing

Proxy type: Real host
Proxy server:
Real proxy type: HTTP or any one you like
Real proxy port: 8080 or 80

As shown in the screenshot below;

Then save and go to OPTIONS then choose USA as your country or region then click on MORE OPTIONS and insert this settings below;

Host address:
Port: 8080

As shown below;

Then save and start browsing with the free 300mb on psiphon vpn, sypon shield, netify or any other vpns that look like psiphon.

So if you keep using new Sims to do it, like if you use 5 mtn Sims that have not been used for game+ to activate it, you will get up to 1GB + (1024+) so start enjoying!

See my connected connection below;

Is it helpful? Hmm I know you cannot tell me that is not helpful so if you have more questions or encounter difficulty while setting this up kindly ask us below and we will resolve that immediately for you. 


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