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Friday, 15 July 2016

New Etisalat BB10 Or Bblite Unlimited Free Browsing On Tweakware Using ID Changer

Hello blazers, I posted before that this Etisalat BBLITE or bb10 was blocked but truly, it was really blocked and it came back to existence from another vpn called Tweakware new updated version known as version 2.9 and it is working unlimitedly using ID CHANGER and a premium account from Tweakware.

Tweakware VPN is very common tunneling software that helps anonymize your internet activity by securing your internet traffic. However, it gives users free access to all restricted websites or content by our internet service providers.

What is a premium account from Tweakware?

A premium account is a pro account which means is not free this is to say you have to buy or purchase the account from Tweakware. The account is a country like Netherlands, Germany, United States but the FREE SERVER is a free account server from Tweakware and it is data capped of 200MB per day which means in every day, you have to be using 200MB from your unlimited free Etisalat data but if purchase the premium account, you will use the unlimited Etisalat data unlimitedly just as if you are using Psiphon vpn and the premium account is sold for 500naira only. See the premium accounts below;

So you would have know the meaning of premium accounts from Tweakware so let me teach you how to purchase it.

How to buy or purchase premium accounts from Tweakware

If you don't like Tweakware 200MB daily data capped and you want to use the premium accounts kindly follow this process below;

  • Launch your updated version of Tweakware 2.9
  • Go to settings 
  • Click on Account settings and click register an account with them. As shown below;

  • Then go back to Tweakware and click on settings>>account settings and login your username and password then click on Account upgrade and purchase the premium account via playstore or other means. As shown in the screenshot below;

Note: You can also go their website and make the payment with your ATM card; MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Perfect money and you can use offline payment too like selecting your bank name there; First bank, Gtb bank so just click here to make Purchase .

So you can start enjoying your unlimited data from Etisalat Bblite Unlimitedly without disturbance from disconnecting and is only 500naira only.

How to subscribe to Etisalat BBLITE or BB10 unlimited free browsing using Tweakware 

So I am using the Etisalat DLITE of 70naira currently, but I will drop all the subscription plans down incase if you want to subscribe for a bigger amount so I will advice you to first use the DLITE of 70naira by DLITE to 399 for a daily subscription.

See all data plans of Etisalat BB10 below;

  • For Daily Subscription Text Dlite to 399 cost N70
  • For Weekly Subscription Text Wlite to 399 cost N350
  • For Monthly Subscription Text Mlite to 399 cost N1000

All you have to do is to go to your message box or mail box and send DLITE to 399 then you will receive a message saying in this form below:

"Your subscription to the etisalat Blackberry service has been activated successfully"

Then the next steps is to use it with ID CHANGER in order to be unlimited if you don't have money to purchase the premium version of Tweakware and on Tweakware vpn.

How to connect your Tweakware after subscribing for the Etisalat BB10 or BBLite Unlimited Free Browsing 

So after you have subscribed for the Etisalat BBLITE or Bb10 unlimited free browsing so you will have to connect it Tweakware vpn by following the below process;

Then go back and connect with free server but if you you have purchased the premium account, you can use any of those countries like Germany, United state, Netherlands to connect and you will be free from disconnection problem and you will be able to surf unlimitedly. As shown below;

How to make it unlimited with ID CHANGER or How to bypass the Tweakware 200MB Daily Limit Using ID CHANGER 

This method requires a rooted android device. If you haven’t rooted your android device, I advice you to root it here. Once your device is rooted, then you can follow the below procedure to bypass the tweakware vpn daily limit.

  • Download Device ID changer from Google play store.
  • After that launch the application and grant root permission.
  • Now, once you’ve reached the tweakware daily limit using the free server, simply disconnect tweakware and then go back to device id changer.
  • Remember to backup your original android id (so you can always fix it back to avoid voiding the warranty of your device).
  • Once you’ve taken note of your original android id, and then generate a random id. Simply tap to random ID.

  • Now that you’ve generated a random ID, you can connect your tweakware vpn and enjoy the free servers.

Anytime you reach the 200MB daily limit, just follow the above procedure and the limit would be lifted. With this method, you’ve successfully bypass the daily limit. The second procedure I’ll be revealing to you is how to make use of premium servers without spending a dime.

So enjoy your etisalat BB10 or BBLITE Unlimitedly which means start blazing unlimitedly using Tweakware vpn.

Is it helpful? If you have any questions or you encounter any difficulty while setting this up kindly drop your comments below and if it work for you please share your experience here below.


  1. Pls how do I backup/change to my original Id after using id Changer?

    1. See, you when you open your Id changer, you will see ORIGINAL ID just copy it and save it in one place in order to change it back after you have use up your etisalat Bblite plan, so that your phone won't lack warranty. So after that Tap the RANDOM ID on top then that's all. Go to your Tweakware and enjoy!

  2. Help oh, after following all the steps, my tweakware refused to connect, saying HTTP connection failed.
    Any remedy please

    1. I hope you click on the bundle Etisalat BB10 and which subscription do you use?

    2. Same here. HTTP connection failed

  3. Replies
    1. I forgot to say please insert in your APN settings and it will start working immediately! Am not lying, try it out and see!

  4. 08165430681, add me to the Whatsapp group please.

  5. My Acc settings in not giving same as urs

    1. You want to buy premium account?

    2. Please read the message above, I explained on how to purchase premium account on Tweakware

  6. Nice one man really happy with you here as usual

  7. Can i subscribed For d weekly plan

    1. Yes you can subscribe for it but I have not try out that one so if the weekly plan work kindly testify here also

  8. God go the bless the work of ur hands. U go leave long, if not for u, wetin we for do??? Thanks again and again and again.

  9. This is the best blog I have ever visit. Any cheat that is post here, it's legit and confirm. I just love this site

  10. precious. More grease to your elbow

  11. Sir when ever I send the message dlite to 399 it will tell me sorry the operation failed why

  12. Sir when ever I send the message dlite to 399 it will tell me sorry the operation failed why

    1. Keep dialling it till go. Is network


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