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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

New Etisalat 0.0KB Unlimited Free Browsing Using Psiphon, Netify, Syphonshield

Cheat BLOCKED please do not try it!

Etisalat new free browsing without using any money even if you have money in your account, it doesn't affect the free browsing so what I mean by 0.0kb means you won't use any money to subscribe for the free unlimited data.

Somebody here, I mean a fan here told me that he just bought new ps3 that he need free browsing cheat in order to download huge games on it so that's why I have come out with this Etisalat free browsing or unlimited data to download unlimitedly or blaze unlimitedly.
Well, this blazing Etisalat data need a vpn to boost it and these vpns are; Psiphon, netify, sypon shield or any other vpns you may know but you have to use one vpn not all and also, in this tutorial, I will be using Psiphon pro lite or you can use sypon shield, netify which means they function in same way only that the main home are different because of the application developer.

So I will be sharing the Etisalat 0.0kb free unlimited browsing using Psiphon pro lite, netify and others.

How to activate the Etisalat 0.0kb using Psiphon pro lite

Firstly, you need to download the Psiphon pro lite by clicking here. Then install and launch, immediately a page will pop up for settings and select if you ask any questions kindly accept by clicking on tunnel whole device.
APN settings:

Use default APN settings and leave proxy and port empty

Connect the Etisalat 0.0kb to psiphon pro lite


Proxy type: Real host

Proxy server:

Real proxy type: Inject or HTTP

Real proxy port: 80

As shown in the screenshot below:

Then save and continue to the next stage by clicking on OPTIONS then select USA or Canada as your country or region then click on MORE OPTIONS and input this settings below:

Host address:
Port: 80

As shown in the screenshot below:

Then immediately it will connect and it won't read but just keep browsing unlimitedly. So as you can see, I am now downloading a huge file from my uc web or browser, it is blazing like fire!

Note: The Psiphon pro lite or any vpn you use won't read in statistics but it will start working very fast!

See my connected connection:

Is it helpful? If you have any any more questions or encounter any problem while setting  this up kindly ask here below in order for us to help you out immediately. So if it work for you, make sure you share your experience here in the comment box below.

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  1. Just showing connecting e no connect

  2. Mine didn't connect, just keep showing connecting and not browsing. Help

  3. Sorry bkazers, it was working yesterday but it has been blocked since that night around 4am

    1. pls admin,add me to ur whatsapp group... 08038412997

  4. ur own cheat never dey reach 24hrs

    1. Lolzzzz that is nigeria for you because they compress any working cheats

  5. Admin i lyk ur wrk add me to ur whatapp group 08066628384


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