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Friday, 22 July 2016

New Deal Zone Mtn 2,000Naira For 7GB Now Active

Mtn has now released a new data plan which is currently blazing using 2,000naira only for the subscription and another wonderful thing is that it works for desktop, windows, Java, symbian and any devices you can think of.

Well, this new data plan is very cheap and it blaze better, MTN announced the increment during the Tech 2016 conference in Lagos. So when you subscribe, you will surf unlimitedly and it looks like a promo for the MTN users.

How to activate cheap mtn deal zone of 7GB For 2,000naira 

It is very easy to activate kindly go your message and send 2016 to 131 when you have successfully load your recharge card of 2,000naira and you will be sent a confirmation message about your successful subscription, which will be in this form below;

You have been credited with 7GB TECH+ 100% Deal zone.

As shown in the screenshot below;

Are you still doubting? See another screenshot from blazer fan member below;

So after that you can now surf unlimitedly till you finish your 7GB.

How to check data balance?

Check your data balance by sending 2 to 131 and your data balance will be displayed to you immediately. As shown in the screenshot below;

So start blazing unlimitedly till you are tired and we don't currently know when mtn will block it because nowadays cheap data and subscriptions doesn't last long anymore.

Validity period

It last for 30days.

So is helpful? What your say or questions about this new cheap data plan mtn has just released for their users at the moment? 


  1. Thanks.. Is it valid for a month /?

  2. Thank you boss for giving me the tutorial on how to drop my comments on your site.I have been a fan of your site for almost a year now and I have been visiting your site everyday and Most times of the day.I used to make comments but couldn't drop them cos I have been using opera mini But With your tutorials my problem has been solved.

  3. MTN have started again with its wayo on this their so-called wow weekend,even though I got a message from them that I will receive a free 1gig if I load #500 like last weekend.Now I loaded #500 just this evening immediately I got the message that I have received free 1gig but when I checked my balance it was only 100mb that was there though my #500 is still intact.Please which kind wayo is MTN trying to play again?

    1. I thought is only me ooo, I still experienced same thing when I load 500# too this evening.

  4. jst hope that d 7gb is does not equals 3gb

    1. No is a complete 7GB from Mtn. Try and subscribe to it and see, is working perfectly

  5. Then y is it showing validity till 24/02/2017
    We are confus if is for a month or a year.

  6. I was given 30days but some people said they are given 4months and some others said 6months hmmm I think this 7gb doesn't have a specific expiry date, it depends on how you are lucky


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