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Monday, 18 July 2016

New Airtel Unlimited Free Browsing And List Of Working Ips For Psiphon Vpn

Previously, I updated the Airtel Unlimited free data working perfectly on psiphon, netify, Pronet and other vpns so many people are now complaining that it gets slower than 10kbs and now I am currently providing a new way to set it up using latest ips and psiphon for the settings.

This Airtel is blazing heavily but with this ips, you  will be able to download heavily. So my tutorial for the Airtel Unlimited Free Browsing List Of IP Working On Slow Dns And Psiphon Pro Lite  will be dropped now below with screenshots for you to understand as usual.

Airtel Unlimited Free Browsing List Of IP Working On Psiphon

Firstly, download Psiphon 108 handler or Psiphon pro lite here then launch it and go to settings and insert this below, meanwhile leave your APN settings empty.

Mark remove port
Proxy Type: Reverse Proxy
Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Type: HTTP or INJECT
Real Proxy Port: 3128

Now Click SAVE. As shown below;

Then click on OPTIONS and select USA as country and then go to MORE OPTIONS and insert this settings below as;

Host Address:
Port: 3128

See screenshots below;

Then save and blaze heavily but it selects sim sometimes.

List of ips for the Airtel Unlimited free browsing using Psiphon 

So I am currently providing the list if ips for the Airtel Unlimited free browsing here below to make it faster in downloading so insert them in your Psiphon HOST ADDRESS. See list below;

  •  8080
  •      3128
  •    3128
  •   80
  •  3128
  •  80
  •      3128
  •      3128
  •      3128
  •      8080
  •      8080

See where to input ips and port;

See connected connection;

So these are the stable and fast ips that I can compiled together at the moment so I will keep updating it with more faster ips and then you will start downloading more huge Files and videos. 

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So does it work for you? If it work for you kindly share your experience to the blazers in the house.


  1. mr blazer is me ur guy again let me test it i will let u no n if i get another working ip i will post it thanks more greeze to ya elbo pls i need ur help to add a friend to ur whatsapp group

    1. Ok but we are no more on WhatsApp

  2. What do u mean by leave ur apn empty? Is dis ips not working for d previous setting (proxy server)?

    1. It means you should not put anything in Your proxy and port which means leave them NOT SET. It is working in all settings this one is another method.

  3. @blazerwap the ips are nt connecting oh

  4. Yes none of d ip is connecting

  5. Mr. Blazer WAP pls add me in your WhatsApp group 07013177101......... And m using d latest version of tweakware version 3.0 update yours from Google play and go to bundle setting and click airtel 0.0k and connect I already have premium account and it's blazing lyk hell........Mr blazer I've told u d trick pls help me to

    1. Ha am sorry, we are no more on Whatsapp

  6. baba pls code to buy mb on airtel lk 200mb 200naira


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