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Saturday, 2 July 2016

New Airtel Live Unlimited Free Browsing Using NetLoop VPN On Airtel Smartconnect

The free browsing using airtel live free browsing on psiphon, pronet, netify is still active and booming on the blazers phones so I have decided to look for a way or method to also make browse using airtel Smartconnect package with unlimited bundles too. As you can see, I make all blazers surf the internet without spending a dime sometimes it comes out spending a little token or dime.

This Airtel free browsing on netloop formally known as SimpleServer is currently blazing because we are the blazers. You need to start using the Airtel free browsing before it gets blocked from their system (airtel). The more people knows about it, the more it gets congested and the evil ones are still there that their works are to report any working cheats to the service providers. So wise up and use up all data immediately from the source.

So this Airtel live works perfectly, if you are using airtel line on Smartconnect package. They also have their bonuses bundles in which their uses on the package enjoys so let me list some of the bundles and bonuses you enjoy for being airtel Smartconnect package user.  The family and friends bonus allows you keep in touch with family and friends for free.

Benefits of being in Smartconnect package
  • 200% bonus on all recharges of N200 and above.
  • 15Mb weekly free data on recharges from N200.
  • N300 weekly Family and friends bonus on recharges of N200 and above.
  • 7 Hours of night call between 11pm and 6am at 11k/second.

I hope you have seen the benefits and bonuses you will enjoy while being in the package. But that's not what make drop this post, the main post is here below where you will be able to configure your NetLoop VPN in other to make use of the Airtel live connect so the proxy server still remain the in which we formally used in our previous post but here will be in another form entirely because is a new vpn that will be used here.

How to connect the Airtel Unlimited Free browsing on airtel Smartconnect using NetLoop vpn

Your APN need to be set in other to make it work because without APN settings, the NetLoop don't work so it goes this way below:

Phone APN Settings:

Name: Blazerwap
Proxy: Not set
Port: Not set 
Username: Not set 
Password: Not set.

That's all with APN settings so we need to go on how o connect it on the NetLoop before it is used. Which is here below:

How to connect using NetLoop as vpn

You need to download updated NetLoop vpn from here, If after applying the below settings and yours still refused to connect, then dial Firstly is *311# to enter Airtel SmartConnect package  then configure or set it this way below.

  • Launch it and tap on connection settings
  • Click on injection host and under it, type 
  • Choose host replacement
  • Then under proxy host, input this IP and under proxy port, input 3128 then save it. 
  • Now, under connection mode, tick VPN
  • Finally go back to application menu and connect. Then it will connected do it will start Reading immediately. Just see the screenshots settings of it that I made for you to be able to understand as and set easily. See below:

So that is the settings above and is working well on Android and pc users. If you have done the settings just connect and start blazing immediately but we don't know when it will get block. So for pc users, you can share your data from NetLoop to pc via hotspot, you will see that in the NetLoop Settings so start blazing.

See when my NetLoop was connected below:

If you encounter any problem or difficulty while setting this up kindly drop your comments and if it works for you kindly share your experience to the blazers also. So is it helpful to you?


  1. They said I'm not allowed to opt in what do I do I really need this cheat

    1. You mean they said you are not eligible to enter the package? Hmmm u must enter d package for this to work.

  2. Thanks admin and how can I flash my android phone without using pc

    1. Go to settings>>backup and reset>>factory data reset>> factory reset. Your phone will reboot and everything in your phone will wipe off even contacts and many.

  3. Replies
    1. Is working... follow the tutorial properly

  4. jst do d setin nd forget opt in cuz mine wokin wel wit sas nd psiphon

  5. Mine is nt working oh, i have tried psiphon, netify nd sysphon sheield vpn yet it is nt connecting oh.

  6. It is nt working... We nid a working IP address to make it work on working towards dat...

    1. Dats also good but they also use UC mini for it.....those are the pple that can't use the Tweakware


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