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Friday, 1 July 2016

Mtn Music+ Free 150MB Now Back Again With Another Method

Mtn Musicplus has been reigning since last year 2015 now 2016, it came and went back then it came back again so when all Nigerias where using it alot, it stops again and now is back again so I want all blazers not to raise the alarm so that we will be able to use it till we finish the data from the source.

So as I woke up early this morning, around 10:45am and I was without any data on the new mtn sim I have lost since many months ago and I just tried the Musicplus or + data code then immediately I received successful message and I decided to share it immediately so currently I have not know if it can be renewed, if I have burn the data then I can now update this article if it can be renewed and the code to renew it. So stay updated and let me give you the Psiphon settings and code to activate this new one.

What's the validity period?

It last 7days just like before. So enjoy it till 7days before the renewal date.

What's the code to activate this free data from Mtn?

Is just simple and it is still the same code like the other first way we activated it here. So go to your text message and send I to 5900 and you won't get a reply so don't wait just send D to 5900 then you will receive a message immediately after the successful of the message which means after is being delivered so the message will be in this form below.

Congrats! You have been rewarded FREE 150MB & you can enjoy unlimited music on Music+ now! It expires after 7 days. Click or Dial *123*5*5# to start your amazing music journey. To stop, SMS Cancel7d to 5900. Renewal is N300 only!
This is the screenshot below:

So you have successfully activated the free 150mb data from music+ and check your data balance with *559*2# then you can't use it just like that, you need a vpn for it but in this post, I will tell you how to use it on two vpn's which are the Psiphon and Tweakware.

Under APN Settings



Port: 8080

See APN settings screenshots:

What are the differences between Tweakware and Psiphon when browsing?

With Tweakware you will be able to use 150mb everyday and when it get to the 150mb the Tweakware will stop automatically. So Tweakware has daily data limit whole Psiphon don't have data limit, you can use it till the source data is finished. You can use Psiphon to stream YouTube and any other video streaming websites you may know. So I will advice you to go for Psiphon but in this type of data, you can use both for it because Tweakware also has the 150mb data limit so use it till it stops browsing entirely.

How can I connect the music+ free 150mb using Psiphon vpn?

So download any version of Psiphon vpn of your choice via here on so install and launch or open it then you will have to insert these settings below for it to start working immediately.

Mark Remove Port

proxy type: Real Host

proxy server:

Real Proxy type: inject or HTTP

Real proxy port: 8080

See the screenshot below:

Then you can now click on SAVE and move to OPTIONS then choose UNITED STATE then and move again to MOVE OPTIONS then insert the following settings below.

Host address:

Port: 8080

See screenshots below:

Then save and go back to connect so blaze till you will want to renew it again.

See when it connected.

How to connect the free music + data on Tweakware 

Tweakware data limits is 150mb per day so these are the settings below. Firstly install Tweakware from playstore or here.

Then the settings goes this way below:

Open the Tweakware>>settings>>bundle settings>>enable bundle settings and and go back to select bundle settings>>choose Musicplus. As shown below in the screenshot.

Then go back and choose free server to connect so it will be connected successfully just as shown in the screenshot below.

Note: Tweakware updated version has 200mb as daily data limit, I mean the current version.

See video below:

Then you can now connect and start blazing so is it helpful? If you find any difficulty while setting this up kindly drop your comment below and we will resolve that up and you can also a share your experience, if it works for you for the blazers. So start sharing your experience now.


  1. Pls add me to ya whatsapp group 08179941055

    1. You will ba added very soon when there is space.

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    1. Yes is working...try it out and come back here to tell the result.

  3. Nice post. Thanks for the update

  4. Replies
    1. Yes there is, you can deop your number to be add now .

  5. I got the mb but both tweakware and psiphon are not connecting.

    1. Hmmm I will test I again and alert you here in the comment box.

  6. Sorry blazer fans! It has been blocked again. So wait for my next update or you can try this working cheats out. Airtel 1k for 3gb, airtel 2g for 200naira, 4gb for 500naira and comedyplus and night plan in mtn via here.


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