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Saturday, 23 July 2016

MTN Deal Zone Of 7GB For 2,000Naira Will End Today For New Subscribers - Tonight July 23rd, 2016

Well, this is a bad news to the blazer fans but I just want to raise alarm for new subscribers or some fans gathering the cash to subscribe for this that is no more available after July 23rd, 2016. So if you are still trying to subscribe for it kindly don't waste your cash yet because it was announced by MTN at the Tech+ event, that is being held in Lagos city Nigeria is a promo and not a package for life.

So if you haven't subscribe yet, kindly make your subscription because as from tomorrow, you won't be able to do that anymore. As I confirmed it today, I really wish if it can be forever.


  1. There has never been a free gift from MTN.I did not even bother to subscribe in the first place cos I know that MTN will never give 7gig for #2000 just like that cos the network is notorious for swindling its customers.When they give with the right hand,they collect with the left.and their promo don't last except it pays them.419 network.

  2. You are ryt my friend. I am waiting to hear from those that subscribed. I know mtn will not allow them enjoy the 7g just like that

    1. Hmmm but with this 7GB for 2000, it was real and working. It wasn't a sc*m

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