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Friday, 8 July 2016

How To Withdraw Your Paid Money From Post Utme On Mobile Phone Or Desktop

Following an order by the Minister of Education, Malam Adamu Adamu to tertiary institutions in the country that have conducted post-UTME examination to immediately refund money taken from candidates, authority of University of Benin (UNIBEN) has suspended a planned test.

It will be recalled that the minister has also declared that post-UTME examinations already taken are null and void; threatening that any institution caught still conducting the examination under any guise would be sanctioned.

The minister who made this position known on Monday, in a press statement issued by Ben Bem Goong, Deputy Director Press and Public Relations, had earlier given directive to stop the post-UTME examinations nearly a month ago.

Coming barely 24 hours after Mallam Adamu instructed the nation’s tertiary institutions to stop the conduct of the exercise, Mr. Michael Osasuyi, the Public Relations Officer of the university told newsmen on Tuesday that the suspension was with immediate effect and in compliance with the Federal Government’s directive.

“We are suspending this exercise now, in compliance with the Federal Government directive. We are suspending forthwith,” Osasuyi said.

As we all know that post utme has been scrapped or cancelled so there is no more post utme exam and the new grading system for candidates going to the university goes like this below:


  • 180 – 185 ---------20 points
  • 186 – 190- --------21points
  • 191 ---195----------22points
  • 196 – 200----- ----23points
  • 201 – 205----------24points
  • 206 – 210-- -------25 points
  • 211 – 215----- ----26 points
  • 216 -220------- ----27 points
  • 221 -225------- ----28 points
  • 226 -230------- ----29 points
  • 231 -235------------30 points
  • 236 – 240---- -----31 points
  • 241 – 245----------32 points
  • 246 -250------------33 points
  • 251 -300------- (34- 43points)
  • 300 -400--------(44–60 points)


  • 1. Single sitting------ 10 points
  • 2. Two Results-------- 2 points

  • A1---------------------6 points
  • B2 and B3--- -----4 points
  • C4 – C6------------3 points.

See reasons why post utme was cancelled

1. Post UME infringes on the sole power right of Jamb/UTME to give admissions

If you go through the JAMB act, it states that only the body has the right to conduct exams after charging fees, give undergraduate admissions, carryout placements in Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education. The universities are only supposed to send their requirements and preferences. The only exception is Post graduate admissions. But today Universities charge another amount , sometimes higher than JAMB’s to conduct a parallel exam clearly defying the act, and give admissions using methods known to no one else. Uniben announced admission screening fee of 2000 and optional 1000 for past questions. But the reality is that, processing Uniben PUME/ ASE 2016 costs 3550. There is no option there, it just displays this amount and asks for MasterCard/Verve details.

2. Secondly, Post UME is not transparent, it is even more fraud prone than JAMB

CBT has greatly reduced fraud, eliminating text message answers, buying answers online and impersonation. We now have biometric check in and check out, and CBT even makes the exam easier to invigilate as candidates are forced to stare at their screens and nothing else. A bonus is the availability of system calculator which wasn’t totally available in the era of pencil test.

BUT Pume is not even standardized, no preparation syllabus, some schools purposely set questions from A-Level just to be wicked and reduce number of successful people, others are known for giving very little time. And at the end they just send admission notification without pasting any list publicly and denying some admission even after surpassing the JAMB cutoff.

3. Post UME introduces avenues for special candidates getting better courses

Special candidates refers to Royal father’s recommendees , governor’s candidates , VC’s candidates, staff children and state of origin waivers etc These sets of people would score less than others and must get admitted , in many cases get their course of choice.

In Uniben, to enter the college of Medicine, staff kids have their cutoff 10marks below regular cut off. So while a normal candidate aims for 70, they’ll aim for 60. After taking the number of staff kids they want, the rest is filled with merit and government/royal candidates. And they all wrote the same JAMB. And the non staff candidates who fall under 60 < x < 70 are pushed to pharmacy and Life Sciences.

That is one reason why they do not release cutoff before results, as they need to fit in their people first and adjust and that’s why majority of the post ume era medical graduates are children of doctors and professors; Not because Medicine runs in their veins but because corruption runs instead. There have also been reports of score upgrade in different schools including UNIBEN.

And That is what gives rise to fraudsters, result checkers and predators who take advantage of candidates giving them fake admission. And the school waits till final year exams before publishing lists of fake students, meanwhile they’ve been collecting school fees from 100L.

4. Post UME destroys the JAMB score

For instance , someone who scored 280 in JAMB would have his score divided by 8 giving 35 and this will be added to half the PUME score. Another person who scored 240 would see his score transformed to 30.. only 5 marks difference. Assuming the second guy scores 70 in PUMe and the first guy scores 60, after dividing by two and adding to both Jamb scores, the two aggregate scores would be equal! The PUME now more weighted than JAMB. That’s why it is possible to “pass 220 and not enter school”.

One would expect that the PUME score is the one divided and transformed after all it is the illegal exam!

5. PUME makes it difficult for Jamb to monitor admissions

An admission body that is relegated in its own game. One would expect that at this time parents would clamour for schools to start pasting their admission lists with raw scores attached. not a  case of someone with 53 given Law and another person with 65 reading Foreign languages when they both put Law as first choice.

Jamb is still a major exam that can never be replaced by the schemes of money-for-grades lecturers.

Some may argue that Jamb scores are lower than students expect. This is because of Item Response Psychometric testing method, which is why people talk about negative marking etc. This method does not aggregate all the questions gotten correct, instead questions carry different marks depending on the set difficulty and depending on how many people answer that question.

And PUME has seen schools flooded with kids without emotional intelligence and they can’t fend for themselves, they rush through and pass out and it doesn’t even seem like they went to school.

Well that's not where am writing to, the major thing here now is to learn how to withdraw your paid money that you use to register for post utme using mobile phone or desktop. Is very ssimple and easy, this will help you instead of going to cafe or nearest computer operating shop to do this. It can be done on any phone that supports internet access.

I will explain it better using screenshots or pictures for quick understanding.  Well this tutorial is meant for all those who have registered and paid the post utme registration fee before. So as post utme has been cancelled, they said that all students who paid for the exam will be refunded back with their money so that's the process I want to lecture here below in case you don't understand the main reason if this post or topic.

How can I withdraw my paid money from post utme using mobile phone or PC?

Firstly, you will be given your login and password when you registered your post utme form. It will in this form below:

  • Username: ase2016_342543
  • Password: 9Fz7yzm5
Then after that, go to your university website to see the post utme login form but in this tutorial, I will be using Uniben( university of Benin) so if you choose uniben, kindly go to the website and a login page will be opened to you, just insert your username and password given to you when you registered for the post utme and then your profile portal will be opened to you.

Then after you have successfully login, click on APPLICATION RECORD on top of the website as seen in the screenshots below:

So after that, another page will be shown to you where you will be asked to provide your bank details information like BANK NAME, BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER, BANK ACCOUNT NAME hmmm I think you would have bank account before proceeding to this. So fill the spaces correctly with your bank details. As shown in the screenshot below:

So then confirm your passport that you use red background and then scroll down and click on FINALLY SUBMIT. As shown in the screenshot below:

That's all! So jamb will refund your paid money immediately they review it. I just posted this in order to help some Nigerias to solve this problem, it will save your time, money to go cafe or nearest computer operating shop for this simple process I just balanced above. 

I hope is helpful? Do you encounter any problem while setting this up or do you have more questions to ask? Kindly drop them here below and i will resolve everything for you in a moment.


  1. Thanks! You are the best, this tutorial works for me well. I registered for lasu and this tutorial helped me out! I once again thank you!

    1. Yea that's great, you can use it for all university

  2. Tnx
    what to do if u submitted empty boxes

    1. If you submit empty boxes, you won't be paid the money you used for jamb registration so if you submit with your details they will refund it back to you.

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