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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

How To Park Free Or Paid Domain Names To Your Xtgem And Wapka Sites

Have you been trying to park your free or paid domain names to your wapka or xtgem websites? So today, I am going to post the full tutorial for you in order to learn it easily and I will be using screenshots for you also. Having a unique domain wapmasters can make their site well different and unique.

So the tutorial will be in two methods which are here below so follow up now!

How to park domain to wapka

  • Go to your
  • Login your admin panel
  • Click on your website name
  • Then go to Domain manager 
  • Then click on Own domain 
  • Then insert your domain without putting http E.g As shown below;

  • So click on ADD DOMAIN and immediately your domain will added successfully.
So test it and start running your website with your new parked domain.

Note: Before you start with this tutorial, you would have set your nameserver from where you bought the domain to and orelse it won't work because it won't be connected to wapka server. You can use 3domain names in wapka.

Tips to get domain for Godaddy to wapka:

1. Register your new domain name at domain registrar (
2. Set DNS servers of your new domain name: and in DNS manager of registrar.
3. Wait a few minutes (hours), while your registrar change/set DNS servers for your domain.
4. Insert domain name in form at the top of this site.
5. Your domain is ready to use. Usually is needed to wait a few hours, while your DNS resolver refresh its cache.

How to park domain to xtgem

  • Go to your
  • Login your cpanel
  • Click on Settings 

  • Then click on Domain Parking 

  • Then insert your domain name in the box without adding http e.g and click on PARK.

  • You have successfully parked your domain to your xtgem.
So test it and start running your website with your new parked domain.

Note: You can park 3 domain names.

Tips: Using this function you can park any domain name to your XtGem site. To do this you will first have to purchase a domain from a registrar, point it to these nameservers: and and then setup your domain name here. It may take up to 72 hours for your domain nameservers to refresh.

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Is it helpful? If you encounter any problems while setting this up, kindly let us know by dropping a comment below and if it works for you kindly share your experience!


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