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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

How To Comment On A Topic In

I have been receiving complaint about the comment system in that is not functioning properly and some people don't know how to drop a comment on this website. So I will be dropping the full tutorial and full explanation with screenshots in order to understand how to comment here on this website.

Sometimes, you might be reading an interesting topics or you might have been reading but don't understand and wanted to drop a comment but fails hmm that's sad. In this tutorial, you will be enlightened and the solution will come for the problem. So follow up!

How to drop a comment on

STEP 1: You have to change your browser because old opera mini doesn't comment on, so you have to change your browser to Mozilla Firefox, Uc browser, Uc mini, Cm Firefox, web explorer or follow come browser from your phone and many other browsers you know but do not use old opera mini because if you comment with old opera mini, it will keep refreshing.

STEP 2: So after following step 1 and if you want to comment, kindly click on a topic in and scroll down, you will see a comment box in which you will be able to make your comment on the topic you clicked. As shown below;

STEP 3: So write your comment inside the comment box and then you will see COMMENT AS. It means you have to choose an account to publish your comment so there are Eight (8) ways to make a comment on and I will express them below.

  • GOOGLE ACCOUNT: It means you have to login your Gmail account to publish your comment and you won't be asked any verification so after you have login, it will automatically drop your comment hmmm that's the best way to drop a comment on to win our top commentators award.
  • LIVE JOURNAL: By using this to comment, you have to visit and signup or if you have an account before, you will just insert your username and then click on CONTINUE and your comment will be published immediately.
  • WORDPRESS: This method is just like using live journal, just go to and create an account or if you have an account before, just drop your comment by using your WordPress username E.g and click on continue your comment will be published immediately.
  • TYPE PAD: This method is also by going to to create your account or if you have an account before, just use this to comment by inserting your username in this method and immediately your comment will be published.
  • AIM: This method, you have to go to and signup or if you have an account before, just comment  using this method by inserting your username in this form and click on continue to make a comment immediately.
  • OpenID: Go to and learn more about it or you can get your url from there and insert it in the comment box to publish your comment as you click on continue.
  • NAME/URL: By using this method, you just insert your name and insert the url of the name you write E.g name: AGBONTAN and url: so if anybody click on my name, it will go to or you can also insert name only and leave url then click on CONTINUE to publish immediately after inserted.
  • ANNOYMOUS: By using this method, it means you don't want show your identity and your username won't be clickable. So to use this method, just write your comment and choose ANONYMOUS to comment then click on PUBLISH so they will ask you questions like ARE YOU A ROBOT? So mark it and it will mark √ then you will be asked a picture questions. As shown below;

  • Then mark the correct answers and click on VERIFY then you are successfully done with the verification test them click on SUBMIT so your comment will be dropped successfully using ANNOYMOUS.

STEP 4: Then click on PUBLISH or PREVIEW if you want to still edit our comment write up. So after publishing your comment will be shown immediately or if you also want the administrator to attend to your comments immediately, you  will click on NOTIFY ME then you are done with commenting.

Note: Make sure you don't use old opera mini to comment because they cannot bypass JavaScript that's why they keep refreshing instead of it to comment but when you use new Opera mini or other confirm browsers, you will be able to comment smoothly.

As you can see, is so easy to comment on BLAZERWAP.COM is because I explained all the steps to comment that's why is long this way. So write your comment and choose your account type to comment then click on publish then your comment will be published that's all!

Is it helpful? So drop your comment here let me really know, if you really understand it.


  1. That's really helpful for those dat re new here..

  2. Let's see if it works

  3. Tanx bro, I have been a fan of yours and have been visiting your site everyday and regularly for more than a year now but have not been able to drop my comments but with this tutorial,I think my problem should be over.

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  5. Oyekunle Michael Ayomikun


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