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Friday, 8 July 2016

Google Set To Build Angelfish And Swordfish Smart-Watches

This is improvement as Google set to release new 2 smart watches so very soon it will be launched out for everybody to use. Google is set to release 2 new smart watches which goes by the name Angelfish and Swordfish.

The Swordfish watch: This variant of smart watch doesnt have much specifications and it is cheap, thinner and small compared to the Angelfish. The dimensions are 10.6 mm – thickness 0.8 mm, diameter 42 mm. It doesnt support LTE and GPS. Angelfish and swordfish will support Google Assistant to offer contextual alerts.

The Angelfish watch: This smart watch has a rounded display with 3 physical buttons. The thickness will be 14 mm, diameter will be 42.5 mm. It also comes with LTE, GPS and a heart rate monitor.

Perhaps the most obvious and compelling, though? Google's competitors in the hardware space make their own smartwatches, too. Apple and Samsung both are pushing their own watch operating systems and accompanying ecosystems, and perhaps Google feels that Wear's OEM partners simply aren't going to put in the effort necessary to market the platform to consumers. As Samsung's Gear OS grows ever-more compatible with non-Samsung devices and services, too, the threat to Android Wear is all too real. While I doubt there's much of a chance the Apple Watch will be pairing to your Android phone any time soon, Google does let you use Wear with iOS, and Google-branded smartwatches would likely be the most visible such devices to Apple users.

Whatever the reason, we feel confident Google is building these watches, though time of release, MSRP, and their current level of development remain unknown to us. It is our assumption that Google will attempt to push these watches alongside the upcoming Nexus phones, but we don't believe they'll be unveiled at the same time, but rather at a later date. Given Wear 2.0 is still in early previews, the watches not coming until after the phones would make sense.

We'll let you know as we learn more.

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