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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Full Steps To Buy Or Purchase A Domain From Godaddy With Screenshots

Have you been finding it difficult to purchase or register a domain name from Well, with this topic, you will be a able to overcome that problem easily. I will make it understandable with screenshots so you have to allow your browser to allow images or you can also read it though. Before I start I need to explain what is a domain name and what it entails.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet. Domain names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS). You  can also say a domain name is an essential for a website. This is the human-readable address of your site – without one, your website would just be found by a string of numbers representing the computer it’s on.

Domain name consists of 3 major parts which are the:

WWW - indicates that it’s a web address (optional – see below)

Blazerwap - the main part of the domain, usually representing a company or organisation name.

.com – the domain suffix.

You may not understand what is a domain suffix, is only if you are a website developer that you will understand. Domain suffix is the part that indicates what type of domain it is. Examples are:

.com – Company
.org – Organisation (usually nonprofit)
.edu – Educational establishment
.net – Network provider.

Those are the popular domain suffix you can buy to make your business known in worldwide or the universe. The remaining domain suffix are also good but it depends on your brand of your website. So choose a better suffix for your website.

Domain names may have www or non-www versions; both variants are acceptable. It’s just a matter of personal preference. 

How to buy or purchase a domain name in

To buy a domain name from Godaddy is very simple if only you follow the tutorials below: so go to and in this tutorial, we are going to use for the tutorial here. So insert the domain you want to purchase or buy in the textarea. As shown in the screenshot below:

Then after inserting your domain then click the search icon at the right side in where you typed the domain. Do not start the name with HTTP or HTTPS just type it straight away and click search to check if the domain name is still available to buy. If you search the domain and is not available kindly research another domain name till you find available one just as see in the screenshot below.

So click on ADD TO CART then you will go to cart and you will see the information of the domain name you want to purchase or buy so you will choose the years that you will like pay for or increase it, if you want the domain validity to be long. As shown in the screenshot below:

After selecting the years you want your domain name to reach and in the screenshot I choosed 1year with the ICAN FEES making $8.10, if you choose or tick make my domain private another money will be attracted. You can also use promo code, if you are given to make it more cheaper. So click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT in order to go for the payment process.

You cannot just go to the payment process without creating an account from them or if you have an account before kindly skip this process and login directly so to create account, you must click on create account in the next page after the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT page.

So insert your email address, username, password and CALL-IN-PIN which 4digits number. Some people do have problem with the registration, just use wrote your password and make one word uppercase then also apply number to it example: blazerwaP19 as you can see P letter is capital and the remaining are small letter with 19 as a digits numbers and in the CALL-IN-PIN, insert any four digits numbers from your mind but don't let it be the same example: 6854. So after that agree to their terms and conditions and click on CREATE ACCOUNT. As shown below in the screenshot below.

So you will be taken to the payment method where you will be choose how you want to pay the money, kindly choose between ADD A DEBIT/CREDIT CARD or by using PayPal account. If you choose to use add a debit/credit card that means you must have your ATM MasterCard with you but if you choose PayPal account you need to open PayPal Account from As shown below in the screenshot.

Further Step Depends Upon Your Payment Method. If You use Credit Card & Debit Card. So You need to Enter Card Number, Expire Date and CVV Code and in Next Step They can Redirect you to Secure JSP Page where you Enter Your 3D Secure Code and Your Payment is Done and Order is Placed.

Now They can Review Your Information and Order Details to you. Your Domain is Successfully registered in GoDaddy. So go to your website and insert it for it to be working well.

This is a Simple Process to Buy a Domain Name from GoDaddy. You can also Buy Only Domain Name from GoDaddy without Hosting. Many of Bloggers Choose WordPress that have One Free Domain but If You are on Blogger Platform So, You Need to Buy Only Domain So You Need to Follow This Process To Get a New Domain Name from GoDaddy. If You Face any Problem with This Article So You can Leave a Comment Below.

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