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Friday, 8 July 2016

Full Information About 2 IN 1 MTN Xtra Value Bundle - Voice And Data

Mtn now launch  MTN Xtra Value Bundles that is economized to give you suitable to your lifestyle. MTN XtraValue Bundle plan gives subscribers a combination of good airtime for voice calls and wonderful volume of Data plans for internet browsing. So these data plans are in two categories which are;  the data and voice plan called XtraValue according to the network operators/ service provider. The prices ranges 300naira to 5,000naira.

Benefits if the two bundle plan

1. XtraTalk Bundles – This offers you higher airtime allocation that can be used for Voice calls than Data volume.

2. XtraData Bundles – Gives you higher volume of Data for browsing than airtime for voice calls.

Full information and details of the two bundles

XtraData Bundles

Unlike the former (Xtra Talk), this one offers more data value than voice call airtime. Checkout;

✔ N300 Plan
Airtime Value for Calls: N372.00
Data Value: 150MB
How to Subscribe: Text D300 to 131 OR Dial *131#
Validity: 7days

✔ N500 Plan
Airtime Value for Calls: N624.00
Data Value: 300MB
How to Subscribe: Text D500 to 131 OR Dial *131#
Validity: 7days

✔ N1000 Plan
Airtime Value for Calls: N1,275
Data Value: 750MB
How to Subscribe: Text D1000 to 131 OR Dial *131#
Validity: 14days

✔ N2000 Plan
Airtime Value for Calls: N2,560
Data Value: 2000MB
How to Subscribe: Text D2000 to 131 OR Dial *131#
Validity: 30days

✔ N5000 Plan
Airtime Value for Calls: N6,500
Data Value: 5000MB
How to Subscribe: Text D5000 to 131 OR Dial *131#
Validity: 30days

XtraTalk Bundles

Just as the name implies, Xtra Talk allows you to enjoy more voice airtime than data package. In other words, it's suited for those that makes call a lot.

✔ With the N300 Plan, you get Airtime worth N975 for calls and 50MB for data (can you bit that?)
To Subscribe, load N300 Naira and Text V300 to 131 OR Dial *131*2#
Unfortunately, both the data and airtime valid for just 7days (one week)

✔ With the N500 Plan you enjoy Airtime Value for Calls N1,950 and Data Value of 100MB
To Subscribe, load N500 Naira and Text V500 to 131 OR Dial *131*2#
And it also valid for 7days (one week)

✔ With the N1000 Plan you get airtime
Worth N3,875 for voice calls and data
Data package of 312.50MB
To Subscribe, load N1000 Naira and Text V1000 to 131 OR Dial *131*2#
This one valid for 14days (two weeks)

✔ With N2000 Plan, you get Airtime Value for Calls N9,750 and Data Value of 625MB
To Subscribe, load N2000 Naira and Text V2000 to 131 OR Dial *131*2#
Validity: 30days

✔ With N5000 Plan you get Airtime Value for Calls: N24,500
Data volume: 1,666.67MB
To Subscribe, recharge N5000 and Text V5000 to 131 OR Dial *131*2#
Validity: 30days.

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How do you see this new packages from MTN? Let's read your observation and contributions via the comments box. If you have any questions kindly ask below for quick solution.


  1. Please tell me how to cancel it. I discover that the extra talk airtime and data don't last and I want to cancel it. I did one for 300naira and it auto renewed. Help me to cancel it, they are sucking my money, please

  2. Been googling how to opt out , but no way .
    Mtn been zapping my airtime anytime I recharge any amount above #300 . (Everytime) help please .


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