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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Five Reasons You Should Not Download Flash Keyboard On Your Android Phone

Android is now growing with many applications on playstore and many on local downloads. There are millions of applications for almost every category of human beings. Human beings are surrounded with many applications with different functions and tasks they perform and one of the popular applications are keyboard applications because we need them for typing.

Flash Keyboard is among the most popular applications in Google playstore as it has recorded over 50 million downloads and was sometime ranked as the 11th most popular application on playstore but unknowingly to users, the application is full of malware and not safe for users. This was recently discovered by a UK-based cyber-security firm by name Pentest . They found the keyboard to be asking for “excessive permissions”, displaying infected advertisements, asking for administrator privileges in order to make uninstall very difficult, monitoring user behavior, and then sending data to servers in China without the user’s consent.

Five reasons why flash keyboard is a malware

According to pentest words:

1. The app requires unwanted access to a phone’s Bluetooth connection, geo-location feature, or Wi-Fi status which is not ideal for a keyboard app.

2. The app always ask for access to kill background processes, read SMS messages, show system overlays, or remove download notifications. Pentest says there are no reasons for a keyboard app to require these intrusive permissions.

3. Flash Keyboard was asking for device admin permissions, and was using these powers to take over the smartphone’s lock screen and show ads even if users opted out.

4. Flash Keyboard secretly transfers data to secret servers located in China and other foreign countries. The app transmitted sensitive user data including the owner’s email address, device manufacturer, model number, IMEI and Android version to what it believes to be analytics servers in the US, Netherlands and China.

5. Flash Keyboard sends details of the currently connected Wi-Fi network and others in the proximity, the identity of the mobile network being used and GPS coordinates that are accurate to within three meters of the user.

So you have seen it. If you noticed, the owners of the app are always running ads on Facebook and Google adword to promote it but seeing what is on ground now, i think you should think twice before downloading the app. Of course there are other nice and amazing android keyboard you should try. For instance SwiftKey, Google keyboard and Gokeyboard are all nice.

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  1. Thank u so so much I was about to download it

  2. Thanks so much, even the name makes me not to use it, SwiftKey all the way!!!


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