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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Enforced Verified Boot As A New Danger In Disguise For Android Nougat 7.0

Hello blazers, as I last updated that the version 7.0 nougat will soon be out and I know many of you would have been waiting for this new upcoming version but it has a new alert that is called Enforced Verified Boot with error connection which will be as a problem or disadvantage of this nee upcoming version. This was exposed and revealed by Android developers, so this will reverse to the negative effect of the new upcoming version 7.0 nougat.

So this Enforced Verified Boot means Android 7.0 is said to come with a feature known as Enforced Verified Boot With Error Correction . What this means is that your device will undergo quick boot verification anytime it is being restarted and if there is a strange boot image, it will automatically bypass it or corrupt the phone's software and brick the device.

Meanwhile, Google produced this feature in it, so that the security will be more tight for tweakers to penetrate easily as an advanced method but it is actually a danger looming to happen for tweakers like myself and you. It simply means we might not be able to root any android device on the Nougat OS. Also, there might be nothing like flashing recovery images or flashing of custom ROMs.

So how can we stay without rooting our devices or tweaking it for cheats and many others. All these their security stuffs cannot affect us because we will still crack into it and make it more vulnerable than before. Even apple phones has the tight and more advanced security features but it was still been jailbreaked and the security was penetrated easily.

So do not be dismayed and what do you have to say about this new disadvantage of upcoming nougat 7.0 version?


  1. Actuallt apple isn't the most secure phone,,, windows is the most secure

    1. Windows hmm yes you are very right but I just use iPhone as an example

  2. No matter the security gurus go soon find way out, 9ja wil alws b 9ja....

    1. That's it jare....that's naija for them

  3. Let them manufacture, we would manipulate. I believe 9ja


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