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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Drop Your Whatsapp Number To Join Blazerwap Group

To all the BLAZERWAP readers and followers, this is to inform you all that the massive request to create a Whatsapp group for this great blog has been thought about and granted. The Whatsapp group has been created and now active for members to share their opinion and request. The group will serve as a fast medium to disseminate any latest information, free browsing tweaks, latest phone reviews, prices, tweaking tutorials and so on immediately it is posted here in this blog.

See the rules!

1. We are not going to drop our full blog post to the whatsapp group and users are not allowed to copy this blog posts to the group and we won't share full information or full post to the whatsapp group. So we will only enlighten you in the Whatsapp group then you can get your full information here on

2. Members of the group are free to share their user experience of this blog including challenges and success stories.

3. I will not welcome any person that his intention is to disorganize the group by posting irrelevant stuffs. The group is strictly for sharing free browsing cheats, providing assistance to your phone issues and other tech related issues.

4. You must write your name on your Whatsapp profile immediately you are added to the group so that members will know you by your name or nickname for easy communication and references.

5. Contents of this blog like links to some posts may be shared for easy navigation and location from the group to this blog.

6. I welcome other bloggers in the Tech blogosphere also to participate in the group and share diverse ideas.

7. There must not be ethnicity difference in the group because all of us will automatically be one family no matter the part of the world you are joining from.

8. I can choose to add some members who participates and read this blog regularly as group admins.

9. Members of the group should not think or expect everything on this blog to be explained word by word on the group. Rather it is just to give you notice that such a thing is fully explained in this blog at that time. Some premium services might be charged when you contact owner for such services.

10. You must not spam or share links to external sites, otherwise you will be removed from the group without notice.

11. Admins have the right and authority to remove any member who fails to comply with the above rules. Thank you.

So if you are on the group, that did not mean you should not visit this blog ( because our information is from here. Whether you have data or not to visit this blog, our own is to share link and provide only little information to the whatsapp  group.

So drop your number now! 


  1. I hope you guys read the information very well, because full information won't be copied to the group that means you have to visiting for more updates than the group.

  2. I concur to all said rules
    Add me to your WhatsApp group 08063504022

  3. I d love to, but since whatsapp is not supporting OS phones it's of no need,

    1. How do you mean that Whatsapp is not supporting OS? It was only Blackberry and symbian they left. Hmmm

  4. 08103170142 i accept ur terms and service

  5. You guys should just keep dropping, I will add all of you once ..keep dropping

  6. Pls add me on 07063838954 nd 08147826120

  7. Add me 07063402623. Am okay with the rules

  8. All contacts above have been added successfully!

  9. Thanks for adding me

  10. plz add me 07064624674

  11. Pls add me 08084524486

  12. Here is my no. 08036894345