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Monday, 4 July 2016

Dell Has Stop Or Quit Manufacturing Android Tablets - See Reasons!

Dell has stop producing new products which is a very bad news hmmm many companies now have stop abandoning their products. The last update I published was that whatsapp left blackberry OS but now it has now come to Dell products on mobile phones. Whenever a particular product or even service start booming and progressing, a lot of new comers will jump in and try hard to make their name stand firm amongst the top. This is exactly what is happening in the Android market.

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As you can see we have many new names in the market  or industry now which offers new Specifications and price that beats or compared to what the top names or products used to offer. In 2015, the Dell launched the Venue 8 tablet, but it looked like sales didn't flourish as expected. So they have decided to stop producing android tablets and concentrate on laptops and the 2-in-1 PC’s.

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Their official statement goes like this below:

"The slate tablet market is over-saturated and is experiencing declining demand from consumers, so we’ve decided to discontinue the Android-based Venue tablet line…For customers who own Android-based Venue products, Dell will continue to support currently active warranty and service contracts until they expire, but we will not be pushing out future OS upgrades".

In a published post, Kirk Schell, who is VP, Commercial Client Solutions at Dell narrated why 2-in-1 PC’s is the future (for them). He further added that it will be to their own good if they focus on what will benefit the company and her customers.

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