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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Wow! Etisalat BBLITE Daily And Weekly Plan Now Working Again

According to my last post that Etisalat BBLITE has been blocked, it was blocked and now back again because Etisalat has not get everybody out from their plans so is still blazing again for new subscribers and old subscribers of the Bblite Plans. 

It means the Etisalat was blocked temporarily and another reason that brought out this sad experience was that many nigerias was trying to report the cheat but it was successful for them. To their disgrace, Etisalat didn't respond to them.

So the weekly and daily plans are working effectively, I have personally tested and confirmed the daily plan which goes for N70 and the which goes for N350. The Etisalat BBLITE subscription also goes like this below:

Via ussd code

1. For daily, dial *599*2*2# (costs N70) or DLITE to 399.
2. For Weekly, dial *599*2*1# (costs N350).

 via SMS

1. Send DLITE to 399costs N70/daily.
2. Send WLite to 399 costs N350/weekly.

New subscription codes for Etisalat Bbmid

This is the mid version of Etisalat subscription. The only difference is the price. While the daily sub on "LITE" costs N70, the daily sub on "MID" costs N100 but both of them offers Unlimited data.

Go to your SMS and send:

=> Dmid to 399 for daily plan
=> Wmid to 399 for weekly plan
=> Mmid to 399 for monthly plan

Before anything else, kindly dial these codes to make sure you are unsubscribed from Etisalat socialme or chatpak.

Socialme: *343*6*0# 
Chatpak or social pak: *343*5*0#

If you receive a negative response that states "Sorry operation failed"; that means you are not subscribed to any of the above plans. 

How to get this Settings on psiphon from Etisalat bis?

Firstly, you have to set your APN settings which is the one you will get from your mobile network. Just go to settings>>more>>mobile network>>Access point and names>>Etisalat NG>> and insert the settings below.

APN type: Default
Proxy: Not set
Port: Not set
Username: Not set
Password: Not set

With that, you are done with APN settings so you have to move to the subscription codes that you will have to dial.


Dial *399*2# to opt out from their renewal plans.

How to connect this Etisalat bis on Psiphon VPN 

Firstly, you have to download Psiphon vpn on this website or on playstore so you will then put the settings in this way below:

Psiphon Handler Settings:

Proxy type: Real Host
Proxy server:
Real proxy type: Inject or HTTP
Real proxy port: 8080

Then click on SAVE.

As shown in the screenshot below:

So click on options>>more options and untick connect through HTTP Proxy:

As shown in the screenshot below:

Yea you can use UNITED STATE as the vpn country so thats all and go back to connect your Psiphon or if it doesn't connect immediately, off your dats and off your phone then on it back and connect hmmm within 1minutes, you can zoom off and start browsing till you are tired.

See my connected connection using Psiphon below:

Other method of the Etisalat BBLITE plan that works currently 

Do the mid plan of N100 and then use as the proxy server in your Psiphon vpn then force stop your vpn and open then connect.

You can also use it on laptop by sharing the connection through hotspot to your PC but make sure your device is rooted and then you use pdanet or df tethering.

So start blazing! And make sure you share your experience for the blazers too and if you encounter any problem while setting this up kindly drop your comments and we will reply you in 1second.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes I am currently using the daily plan right now

    2. Which code did you use? DLite or DMid?

  2. Replies
    1. Try it again is working............ follow it properly

  3. Keeps saying selecting server after it suddenly stopped

    1. Which version of rhe subscription do you use, I mean is it DLITE or MID?

  4. Not working bro,tried it several times

    1. Hmmmm I can't believe it has been blocked again because I used it this Afternoon very well.

  5. Is still working d mid plan...and use as d proxy server

    1. Yea thank God you also confirmed it. Is Working perfectly with mid version of subscription but it attracts N100 not N70.

  6. Ya d mid and maxi is still unlimited... Pray Etisalat leaves it oo

    1. Yea Etisalat will leave it but they will still block it later.

  7. Replies
    1. This cheat has now been blocked so do not subscribe again, It exhaust after 15mb.

      Alert to all blazer fans, this precious agbontan the owner of!

  8. Well done. Is it still working? Because I want to subscribe? And which one is working? Is it Dlite or DMid?

    1. I use the mid before but is no longer working which means it has been blocked

  9. Thanks for the alert Mr Precious


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