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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Top Five Websites To Increase Typing Skills And Speed

You may want to increase your typing skills which also means you want to be very fast in typing and is also a good idea to do that especially for bloggers and business purpose. So i have outlined five best website for that and within 2 or 3days you will be very fast in any type of keypad or keyboard.

Top and best five to Improve typing Speed and skills


This is one of the best and popular site to increase your typing skills. In this site you will set the minutes period to have your typing test and after the test the site will generate all the summary of your typing speed,accuracy and the errors that you have made while typing.


This is one of the best choice to learn the better typing online. In this website you have to create an account to access the courses available in this site and also this sign up is free. In this site you have option to expertise typing in different languages like English, Spanish, French, German, Italian etc.


Today most of you try to chat faster and faster, the site is best for that. In this you will enter into a typing race as the name of the site. In this you can chat with your friends by knowing your typing speed and accuracy. Also you can compete against your friends in this site.


This is one of the best site that provides typing tutorials, typing games and free official typing certificate and lots more. You can learn from basic to higher course that are available in this site. To get the typing certificate you have to apply for the typing certificate in this site.


This is an another good site to make your typing skills better. This is the site which allows you practice on both kinds of keyboards that is Qwerty keyboard and Dvorak keyboard in it.

The good typing skills will always helps you to be a better candidate for any company or for any work. I hope you like the post? Don’t forget to share it with your loving ones and drop your word for this also.


  1. hmm nice tho...but i prefer app dan dis. do u know any app dat can do this because website will consume alot of mb


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