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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Things You Have To Do Before Subscribing To The Etisalat BBLITE

I noticed since yesterday that something is happening to the Etisalat BBLITE which is the unlimited free browsing that every blazer fans are currently blazing at the moment but I discovered that Etisalat do make the subscription remains the real data of the subscription.

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So I was alerted yesterday by one blazer fans who says in the comments form:

Admin help publish a post and inform d pple nt to use dis bblited plan on social me plan..cus 1 of my friend was a victim... He did 1month for 1k and he used only 300mb...till now it stop connecting I had 2 help he optout of d social me by dialing *343*5*0#...then he did anoda 1k which is blazing like hell avoid wasting ur money make sure u ar nt on any social me plan...
So I also confirmed it and it was through, so if you are on any social me Pak or social me plans and you decided to subscribe to the Etisalat BBLITE please kindly opt out first not to fall a victim or not to waste your money lavishly.

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How can I opt out from Etisalat social plan or Pak?

As the guy stated above that you will dial *343*5*0# to opt out so you will be successfully out from the plan. As shown below:

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  1. Pls is d weekly & monthly unlimited?

    1. Do not subscribe has been blocked for new subscribers....


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  3. Replies
    1. It means you have opted out already


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