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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Sad! Etisalat Unlimited BBLITE Now Blocked Finally For New Subscribers

This new Etisalat BBLITE for bb10, Android and pc users have been confirmed blocked since 1:41pm on 28, Tuesday in the month of June and year of 2016. This free browsing that was brought by me has now been blocked and if you are told to subscribe to it please do not because it won't reach its unlimited data anymore. Let me straighten you more about the block details that I confirmed.

Details of the Etisalat blocked unlimited BBlite data

The Etisalat Bb10 Sub has been truely Confirmed Blocked:

Subscribed 70naira - browsing stopped @ 10mb,
Subscribed 350naira - browsing stopped @ 70mb
Subscribed 1000naira - browsing stopped @ 260mb.

I tweaked bb10 imei and called customer care and lied that bbm stopped working on my bb Q10 after exhausting the daily subscription and i was told the unlimited bbm feature has been disabled for new subscribers.

Fact! if your data still works use it very well and download as much as you can because if it expires its the end of bb10 unlimited browsing and downloading for You.

What may be the reason of this Etisalat BBLITE blocked for new subscribers?

Hmmm I am short of words can you just imagine this guy telling Etisalat on Twitter about the cheat in the screenshot below.

So what's your suggestions and is it helpful?


  1. Replies
    1. Yea flex it now because you won't be able to flex it again

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Don't sub again... It has been blocked.... Nigerians dey fuck up

  4. Bad news.for entertainment gists and news,check and comment.commenting will give you opportunity to win recharge card by Friday

  5. I enjoyed it while it last...thanks precious

  6. I enjoyed it while it last...thanks precious


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