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Monday, 13 June 2016

Psiphon, NetLoop And Other Vpns Not Browsing When Using Opera? See Solution!

Have you done any cheat or settings or want to browse using Psiphon normally with your data on opera mini and is not browsing or connecting? There are two possible solutions to these questions and is very simple to connect to the website.

Solution 1. How can I make my Psiphon or NetLoop and other vpns to work with opera mini?

Is very simple kindly go to your OPERA MINI>>SETTINGS>>ADVANCED>> CHANGE FROM SOCKET/HTTP to HTTP and go back to connect. As shown in the screenshot below.

Note: When you have normal data plan, you have to change it back to SOCKET/HTTP for it to browse.

Solution 2. How can I make my Psiphon or NetLoop and other vpns to work with opera mini?

It can also come from your APN SETTINGS, so to set that is also simple kindly go to your PHONE SETTINGS>>MOBILE NETWORK>>ACCESS POINT AND NAMES>>SO EMPTY THE PROXY AND PORT as shown in the screenshot below.

Note: When you want to also use normal data, you can also empty it but if you want use any VPN, you are free to activate it in order to boost all your applications.

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