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Thursday, 30 June 2016

New Way To Verify Any Account Number In Nigeria

Have you tried confirming or verifying the account number or name of the account you want to transfer to or the account you don't know about? With this application, you are free and it will easy to make that possible and quick to check or confirm.

One of the good reason why you will like this application is that you can also use it to discover or detect scam, it will save your money and prevent you from being scam*ed. So use the application also to prevent you from sending your money into another person's account.

So a Nigerian or a naija guy has released a new application for you to do those functions mentioned above. It will also save you the stress and time going to the customer care for the details of that account number. This application name is called " Nigeria account verifier" so it doesn't need alot of data to install it, is just easy to install or download.

Functions of Nigeria account verifier

  • Prevent errors, sc*am and identity theft.
  • Avoid sending of money to the wrong bank account.
  • It saves time
  • It saves energy 
  • It verifies  or confirm the person, you are sending to.
How to use the nigeria account verifier

Download nigeria bank account verifier here and it only need 3steps to make use of it and they are here below:

1. Enter a 10 digits Nigerian Bank account.
2. Select the bank name.
3. And click on verify to know who owns the account number.

See screenshot below:

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