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Thursday, 16 June 2016

New Way To Use Airtel 2G Data Plan On 3G Network Using Protect Vpn

Many have done the Airtel 2GB data plan which is working and browsing very slow in all applications and websites but today I will be teaching you guys the latest method to make it fast and to use on 3G because 3G service is faster then the edge network which is for the Airtel plan.

Airtel recently launched cheap data plans that works only on 2g networks (very slow) but ever since then, i have been battling to find out ways to make it work on 3g network - though it's proving too difficult but i won't relent until i achieve that.

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This tutorial only need an application from playstore which you will installed for the settings to activate the 3G network on your Android device.

Features Of Protect VPN

According to the app developers on playstore,
  •  You get alerts when apps are using lots of data
  •  Use a free, fast and secure VPN to protect personal information
  •  Block apps from using data in the background
  •  Limit apps to Wi-Fi only
  • Set notifications when an app reaches a set amount of data
  •  Add an extra layer of security and data encryption
  •  3g optimization 
  •  Get the most from your phone!

How can I use my 2GB data using 3G in protect VPN?

Go to Playstore and install the vpn or you can also download it from here in the link below: Download protect vpn now.

So after launching the application, go back and set your network to 2G from your phone then open the application (protect vpn) then set back to 3G network mode and connect or start browsing.

So this tutorial works well sometimes it fluctuates like that of using Psiphon so you need to be careful with it hmmm I was using my data plans of 2GB for 200N and 4GB for 500N when using this protect vpn and i think you also will also use this that's why I dropped this tutorial for you guys.

You can also drop your comment, if it works for you and you can also drop your comments, if it doesn't work for you in order to share your experience to people who hasn't done theirs. 


  1. I did everything u said but it still didn't work for me. Am using infinix hot note and i haven't rooted my phone, but hope dats not y it didn't browse?

    1. To use Infinix is not the problem. Ehen you connect, it do fluctuate sometimes so you will connect in better network area.

  2. Replies
    1. Is working first switch to 2G data before you switch to 3G. Meanwhile before you switch to 3G make sure you have activate your protect vpn.

  3. good day my friend. good work you are doing for people. Please I need the product key for IDM dowmloader. my trial period has expired.

    1. D91GM-T5X1J-DW7YG-1GHIS

  4. my protect vpn doesn't connect at all


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