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Thursday, 2 June 2016

New Way To Setup Custom Domain In Blogger Using Cloudns

Hello blazers, you may have been looking for a way to setup your custom domain in blogger but you may have not find solution. In this tutorial  your solution will be posted for you and you can also drop your comments if you don't understand or having problem while setting up.

Recently, Blogger added extra security when configuring a blog using a custom domain. You  now need to setup two CNAME values in the DNS settings of your domain for Blogger to recognize your custom domain settings.

Personally, I purchased this domain from and while my other domain from Let assume  for now that you have purchased a domain with and you would like to setup that domain on Blogger.

Note: After the below following setup your domain will propagate which means it will shut down your down for 48hours then after that it will then start working properly with blogger.

How can i set my domain with 1and1 in blogger?

Step 1: Get the DNS settings for Blogger

First, go to or, select your blog and go to the basic settings:

Click on "Add a custom domain" and then on "Switch to advanced settings".
Enter "www." and the domain name you purchased. In my example, "" and press "Save".

As you can see, Blogger returned back an error because of missing CNAME entries in your domain. Let's see what we need to do to configure these settings. Copy /paste the CNAME values displayed into a text editor (or keep the Blogger window opened), you will need them in step 2.

Step 2: Configure CloudNS

As DNS system is not able to be configured with the values required by Blogger. you will need an external DNS hosting service. This does not require your to transfer your domain from We are simply going to stop using 1and1 DNS servers and use CloudNS free DNS service instead.

Go to and create an account. once you have verified your email address, you should be able to access the dashboard. It should look like this:

Next in "DNS zones", click "Add new", enter your domain name and press create:

You will get a new DNS zone with the NS records already set:

Now click "Add new record", select CNAME, type "www" and "":

Note: If you're using a subdomain, like "" then enter "blog" instead of "www" for the first CNAME pointing to "".

Then add a second CNAME with the values that were displayed by Blogger on the settings page.
Mine were "dqbhffrggxdu" and "" but yours will be different. They are specific to the domain name your are trying to register.

Finally add four A records with IPs,, and Leave the Host entry empty.

Your final dashboard should look something like this:

Optional eMail step:

If you are using email on the domain, you need to add two additional records in cloudNS to continue using 1and1 mail servers.

The two records should be of type "MX". Leave the "Host" field empty, enter "" in the "Points to" field with a priority of 10, and a second record with "" in the "Points to" field with a priority of 20.

Step 3: Configure

So now, let's go to the Control Panel and configure your domain to use CloudNS for DNS services.

Your control panel should look something like this:

Click the checkbox in front of the domain name and then select DNS -> Edit DNS Settings:

In the next screen, select "DNS" and "My name server" and enter the CloudNS name servers. They are "", "", "" and "".

Now press "Ok" and it goes back to the Control Panel. The status of the domain will show "updating" and it can take up to 48h for to complete the update.

Step 4: Configure

Once the update is done, go back to, back to the Advance settings shown in step 1, enter "www." + your domain name such as "" as the custom blog URL and press save. Blogger will verify your DNS settings and apply the new custom domain.

Note: Remember to enable the "Redirect ...." checkbox if you would like your domain name to also point to your blog like "" without the "www" in front.

You may still need to wait about 48hours for all DNS servers to have mirrored the changes and point to Blogger instead of

I hope this article or tutorial is helpful? Please share to all social networks you are and make sure you drop comment below if you encounter any problem with the setup.


  1. Thanks bro for ur update brother but can it work when u have blogspot and u want a domain like instead of Wap.blogspot conducted?

    1. You mean when you have a .com domain? If so it can work, it do work for .com domains.

  2. Nice tutorial, got a domain from but it was confusing, thanks very much.


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