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Friday, 10 June 2016

New Way To Secretly Read Facebook Message Without The Sender Knowing

This feature is a special one on Facebook that if you receive a message when you read it, it will notify the sender with "SEEN" but do you know that you can secretly read it and the sender won't know that you have read his or her message. It is especially used for some boring people in your list just to ignore their chats without letting them know.

While this is cool and interesting to know when your chat has been read at the other end, it might be a thorn in the flesh and disturbing when you want to maintain your privacy or spy your chats without your online friends knowing.

Sometimes you might just be playing game or doing  something busy but this your friend will send you a message and you can just use this Facebook trick to ignore the chat without letting  him know. I will teaching you guys about  the trick here in this tutorial in a simpler way but first let me show you the screenshot of what I am trying to express below. But unfortunately, it will only work on Facebook on the web using PC. 

Seen feature

How can I hide the 'SEEN' features on my Facebook chats/messages?

I will give you just three steps to make done successfully and is very simple to make this activate. Here the three steps below.

1. We will be using a Chrome extension in this tutorial, this useful allows you gain access to "hide" the features, as the option isn’t available on the official Facebook. You can Download social reviver chrome extension now.

2. If you are through downloading the chrome kindly restart the browser and login to your Facebook and Immediately you logged in, you’ll notice the Facebook old interface. Just go to the top right-hand corner of your Facebook, click on “Account” and select the “SocialReviver Settings”.

3. At this point, all the Social reviver settings will be shown on the plugin. Now just   the “Chat” tab and tick the box that says “Don’t let your friends know when you read the messages they send to you in chat”.

Finally, close it and you are done. With this, you will be able to read peoples message and chats without them seeing the seen feature.

I hope this article is very helpful to you?

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