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Friday, 3 June 2016

New Way To Recover Whatsapp Chat History After Formatting Phone

Hello blazers, I know all of you are using Whatsapp and you may want to restore/backup/backup Whatsapp chat history after formatting or changing phone, the solution will be treated here in this topic.

WhatsApp is programmed to do an automatic daily backup of conversations by 4am, provided your phone is switched on at that time. However, you need not have your phone on to have a backup because manual backup is available at all times.

How can I backup my chat history conversation on whatsapp

1. Open WhatsApp

2. Go to Menu >> Settings >> Chat settings, and tap Backup conversations.

All conversations will be backed up in an encrptic file found under Files > All > Device Storage > WhatsApp > Databases. The specific backup file will look like msgstore.db.crypt12 or something similar. Just like this below.

And after clicking  on Database, you will then see the  msgstore.db.crypt12

3. Move the whole WhatsApp folder to a memory card. If your device does not support a memory card, you can connect your device to a PC via USB (mass storage mode or media device), and move the WhatsApp folder to your desktop or anywhere on your computer.

How to restore or recover Whatsapp conversation after your phone have been formatted 

4. Put the memory card in the phone you have formatted or a new phone  and move the WhatsApp folder to phone memory. If the device has no support for memory card, connect the phone to a PC via USB and move the WhatsApp placed on the desktop (or elsewhere) to the phone storage.

5. Download and install WhatsApp

6. Agree to Terms of Service and continue.

7. Enter your number and click OK. The number to be entered is the one that you had in WhatsApp when you backed up your conversations.

8. During verification and activation, WhatsApp will discover that you have a backup file. It will show you two buttons, namely, Restore and Skip restore.

Select Restore.

The backup conversations are restored.

9. Click Continue and follow the prompts.

When WhatsApp is fully activated, you will discover that your chat history has been restored to your previously formatted phone, or the chat history from the old phone is intact in the new device.

Note: Transfer of chat history works only within a platform, that is, you can only restore it from one Android phone to another Android phone, not to another phone running a non-Android operating system, and vice versa.

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  1. how about transferring whatsapp chat from a virtual device on ubuntu on pc to an android phone

    1. The tutorial will be created here on how to do that as you just requested.

  2. It works!! thank you!! great tutorial!!

  3. but if database file belongs to any other number other then you registering for whatsapp then chat history will not download. any suggestion

    1. Is because you didn't register it.

  4. This did not work. The phone (LG G5) wouldn't allow me take the file because no program could open it. I even tried to retrieve it from Dropbox.

    1. Hmmm I think the problemis from the phone

    2. Zip that database file and then transfer to your lg g5 and use es file explorer or any other zip extractor to extract that zip file into your whatsup database folder. This should work worked for me .


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