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Sunday, 19 June 2016

New Way To Make Your PES 2013 Fast On Ppsspp Emulator

Ppsspp Emulator has its interactive for emulating games, games peeps in the house will surely know what I mean by that statement. Each games in ppsspp has it own settings but I will teaching you on how to make it fast on PES 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 but I only tested it on 2013.

PES 2013 seems slow on some phones with low RAM or some phones with large ram also.  So go to each settings that i will drop below and set them up.

Rendering Mode - Non Buffered
Rendering Mipmapping - Checked 
Hardware Transform - Checked 
Software Skinning - Checked 
Vertex Cache - Checked 
Fastmemory - Checked 
Multithreaded - Checked 
I/0 on Thread - Checked 
PSP CPU Clock Speed - 222Mhz (Important!!) 
Dynarec - Checked 
Enable debug Logging - Unchecked

However the fastness of the game depends on the RAM of Your Device. It works perfectly on Tecno F7 but lags on tecno M3 sometimes.

I hope is helpful? If you have any questions or don't know how to set this up kindly drop your requests at the comment box below.


  1. I don't understand the post, i mean the having pes 2015 on my gionee p3 and is not that of slow but i still need the setting to make it faster than before.

    1. Sorry I didn't arrange it well before but I have arranged it now. Checkout for the settings in the post.

  2. Replies
    1. Yea try it and share your experience

  3. Replies
    1. Yea that means you don't need it. Keep playing your game.

  4. Please what's the link to download the PES 2013?

    1. You can download it using the LINK HERE 1 or LINK 2.

      How to Install PES 2013 ISO Version On Android Device

      Download PES 2013 ISO Data from the link above
      Download and install PPSSPP EMULATOR.

      Extract PES 2013.rar and move pes 2013.iso to SD CARD >>PSP >>GAME
      Now, open PPSSPP GOLD EMULATOR, locate GAMES, then tap PES 2013 & start enjoying your psp game on your android device.


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