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Sunday, 26 June 2016

New Way To Create Invisible Folder Without A Name For Keeping Private Files

Hello blazers, in this tutorial will be how to create an Invisible folder without name for keeping private files.  This will work for only those PCs that have a Numeric Pad on their keyboard. You may want to hide some folders from your friends or family mebers but with this tutorial, you will be able to do that smoothly and perfectly. So lets start going....

Step 1: Create a New Folder.

Step 2: Click to select the folder, press F2. The name of the folder will become editable.

Step 3: Press Delete. The text will get cleared.

Step 4: Press ALT with your left hand (hold it down and do not release it) and with your right hand type 255 using the Numeric pad of your keyboard, release the ALT key and press Enter.

Now you have created a folder without a name.

Step 5: Now To make your nameless folder Invisible, you need to assign it a invisible icon. Here is how to do it. Right click on the nameless folder and choose Properties.

Step 6: From Customize tab, click on “Change Icon” button.

Step 7: scroll a little to the right side to find this empty space. It’s not empty. there is a invisible icon there. click the red marked area, and you will be able to select the invisible icon. Click OK to set the icon.

Now you have created an invisible folder without a name for keeping private files. You can only see it if you know it’s position. clicking on the area will give you the Blank selection rectangle. If you click some where else it will turn invisible again.

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