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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

New Way To Cancel All Data Plans Auto Renewal On All Nigeria Networks

It will be very bad and sad when you load recharge card on your phone and immediately the network automatically remove the credit and tells you that you have successfully subscribed for a particular data plan you would have subscribed before and forgotten.

It happens to me twice on social Pak from Etisalat and on this faithful day, I was very happy that after I load the card that I will surf and download/update all applications on my phone from playstore by using Psiphon so I did the subscription and I enjoyed it for a month. In the next month, I loaded this card to make call and immediately the recharge card enters my phone the network zapped it which was very painful and I was sad throughout that month so for you not experience all this network zapping data stuffs, kindly follow the tutorial and you will be able at last to cancel all your data plan that are zapping your money because even the customer cares sometimes don't reply or give solution to that complaint but will always help!

How to cancel all auto renewal data plans on all nigeria networks 

How To Cancel Auto Renewal With Codes On Mtn

=> To stop or deactivate auto renewal on MTN data bundle plan, text NO to 131

How To Cancel Auto Renewal With Codes On Glo

=> To stop or deactivate autorenewal on Glo data bundle plan, text CANCEL to 127

How To Cancel Auto Renewal With Codes On Airtel

=> To stop or deactivate auto-renewal on Airtel data bundle plan, text STOPAUTORENEW to 440

How To Cancel Auto Renewal With Codes On Etisalat 

=> To stop or deactivate automatic renewal on Etisalat data bundle plan, text STOP to 229.

By now your subscription would have been deactivated successfully so if you have any other plan, service from these networks that you want to deactivate, kindly drop your comments below and we will help you deactivate it immediately.


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