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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

New Way To Browse Unlimitedly For 3Hours With 15Naira On Etisalat

Etisalat are now back with this unlimited free browsing for 3hours with 15naira only. This wonderful data is for the heavy downloaders hmmm I know there are many heavy downloaders on so this plan will be suitable for you. There are many things you can use it for and the YouTube fans also can watch unlimitedly with it.

Its currently out just because the Etisalat BBLITE has been blocked so blazer fans also need to browse and enjoy data. If you are a football enthusiast and don't like missing any match; this plan can be your best plan because you can watch any of your favorite teams or match on your phone with just N15 airtime. And you know etisalat browsing speed is cool in most areas. Also, apart from football fans, YouTube addicts that like streaming videos on YouTube can as well utilize this opportunity to not only stream videos but download them as well.

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The block of the Etisalat BBLITE has nothing to do with the data hmm just assuming. So to get this done does not requires anything but you have to follow the following steps below.

How to activate the Etisalat 3hours browsing with just 15naira

You only need three steps to make this work out and fine so it goes like this below:

1. Dial *200#, then reply 6 follow by 1 to
Migrate to easy starter.

2. Migrate again to easy life by dialing

3. To opt in for 3hours unlimited
browsing with 15Naira, dial *229*3*7#.

Note this: You must not have credit whole doing this and if you have, kindly transfer it to another sim.

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You can opt out after 3hours to conserve by dialing *227*0# and the more you opt out and opt in the more 3hours that will be added to your internet plan and 15naira is deduct from your etisalat balance.

If you have more than one Etisalat SIMs, why not rock this unlimited browsing with one SIM.

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