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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

New Way To Browse Facebook Free On Airtel

You may not have data on your phone but just want to check messages, your timeline posts and many other things on Facebook, this tutorial will help you to do that using Airtel free mode for surfing free on Facebook.

You don't have to use any VPN such as Tweakware, Zyphon, Psiphon or any others you can think of to boost this free mode browsing and it don't require ussd code or SMS to activate this free mode browsing.

What does it require to activate this on airtel?

1. You must not have data on your phone

2. You need to download Facebook application from playstore or from this link below: Download Facebook (updated version)

3. You must be using airtel sim (old and new) that means it works for all Airtel Sims.

How can I activate the Airtel free mode on my airtel line?

After installing the Facebook application, then login and immediately you will receive a pop out information from Facebook to use free mode as shown in the screenshot below.

You will click on continue to proceed to free mode on airtel and that's all. So start flexing! as shown below:

See how I am browsing free using Facebook free mode below:

Note: It don't work using uc web/browser, you can use it on other browsers except uc browser.

I hope is helpful? If you encounter any problem while setting this up kindly drop your comment and we will help you out immediately.


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