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Sunday, 26 June 2016

New Way On How To Use Glo Cheap Data Plans On Blackberry 10 Devices

It is sad that bb10 users do jealous or envy their Android users because of the free data bundle they blaze always as a free browsing tweaks that they do receive everytime. Glo launched a set of cheapest data bundles ever for Android users and ever since then, blackberry users has been wishing to be part of it.

So in this simple post, you will see how to make it possible. Android users has been gaining and tapping from offers on BB10 devices like the MTN BBlited and now, Etisalat BBlite is working on android devices with vpn tweak. Okay, it's the turn of BB10 users to enjoy glo data meant for Android users.

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To make this possible does not requires any thing but with this steps you will be able to make it possible in a perfect way or method. So the steps goes like this below:

How To Use Glo Android Data Plans On BB10 Devices

1. Go to Settings
2. Click Networks and Connections
3. Select Mobile Network.
4. Tap on APN (the lower part of the screen)
5. Change the Access Point Name(APN) to gloflat
6. Change User name & Password to flat
7. Click on Save! You are done.

With this tutorial, I know a problem has been brought to solution or it has been solved for bb10 users. As for this tutorial, bb10 users can now start blazing even without tweaking their Imei unlike the Android users and they will still be able to blaze with their free glo data.

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Is it helpful or not? If you encounter any problem while setting it up kindly drop your comments and we will reply you in just a second and also remember to download our Android application for more blazing updates from us and still remember you are the blazer fans so we keep blazing always.

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