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Monday, 6 June 2016

New Way On How To Track Your Stolen Or Missing Android Phone

Its Very Crazy And Hurting When We Lost Our Smartphones And Its Difficult To Get It Back Especially When The Smartphone Is Expensive. But As You Are Reading This Post Today, You Have Already Seen The Solution On How To Trace Your Lost Phone which also means your solution is now at hand here.

Kindly Note The Following Before You Get Happy That You Will Get Your
Phone Back:

1. The Lost Phone Data Connection Must Be On Before It Got Missing Or Misplaced.

2. Your Smartphone Device Manager Must Be Working Properly And Okay. If Your Phone Doesn't Have Android Device manager Installed On It, It Won't Work For You.

3. You Have Your Google Account Logged In In The Lost Phone. You Must Have The Android Device Manager On Your Phone So As To Help You Lock Your Phone Remotely And Remove/Wipe The Data On The Phone Making The Phone As Useless For the Being Who Is Currently With The Phone.

Note: Even If The Phone Is Restored Back To Factory Settings, It Will Never Unlock the phone.

For You To Continue With The Process To Secure Your Phone, Follow The
Steps Below To Setup The Android Device Manager On Your Phone:

1. Download And Install Android Device Manager On Your Phone.

2. Locate Settings On Your Phone Then Click Security Then Go To Device

3. Now, Assign The Android Device Manager as The Administrator.

4. Open The Downloaded Android Device Manager On Your Phone and Sign
In With Your Google Account.

5.Wait For Few Minutes Depending On The Speed Of Your Data Connection,
Then Your Device Will Be Detected.

6. After That, Close/Quit the Android Device Manager.

Now If Your Smartphone Gets Stolen or Lost Or You Want To Test The
Efficiency Of The Above Trick, You Have Only Two(2) Options So You
Decide The Best Way For You.

1. Get Another Android Phone To Locate Your Phone. Make Sure Android
Device Manager Is Installed On It Then Sign In Into The App With Your
Google account Details. Then Your Phone's Current Location Will Be
Displayed On The Screen.

Note: It Must Be The Same Gmail Account You Used On Your Phone.

2. You Can Use Your Computer. Just Launch Any Browser Of Yours Then Type "Find My Phone" In The Google Search Bar Without Quotes. A Mini Map With Your Phone Location Will Pop Up On The Screen. Then Click On The Minimap to Maximise The Map Size.

Note: Your Google Account Must Be Logged On In The Browser You Want To Use.

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