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Sunday, 12 June 2016

New Way On How To Activate 3G/4G And Other Networks On All Android Phones

As we all know that 3G network is a very fast network and is next to 4G LTE which you can also activate in this tutorial. When using 3G to browse, it makes your network to be able to download speedily, open web pages very fast and many other fast access. Your network won't be good without 3G service.

Many Android devices lack the option of enabling 3G only mode, providing only an option to switch to 3G preferred mode only. Often, 3G/WCDMA preferred mode leads the phone to switch to 2G in case 3G signals aren't that strong. While it isn't always good to operate your phone on weak signals, there are situations where you need faster interenet connection which makes sticking to 3G a must.

How To Enable 3G/4G On My Android Device

1. Go to your phone dial pad or phone and dial *#*#4636#*#* immediately a window will pop up out. As shown in the screenshot below.

2. Click on "PHONE INFORMATION" and you will scroll down to "SELECT PREFERRED NETWORK TYPE"  then you will see the list of all networks and activate it. As shown in the screenshot below.

So you can now switch to any prefer network of your choice.

Note: Unless you understand what you are doing, don't tweak any other option in this menu as it can lead to problems. So just activate the 3G or 4G and close window.

If you are having a dual sim phone, you can go to Wireless and Networks >> More >> Mobile Networks >> 3G service and select which sim you want to activate 3G on.

Bonus tip: If you select the third option i.e. Usage statistics (from the popup that appears after dialing the USSD code *#*#4636#*#*), you will see an interesting breakdown of the time you've spent on your phone - which app you've used for the longest duration, which application has been launched the highest times etc. As shown below:

That's all! If you encounter any problem while doing this settings, you can deop your comment here for quick solution! So is this article helpful?

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