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Friday, 10 June 2016

New Way On How Activate Chat Head On Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook And Other Social Medias

You know that the chat head is mostly popular on Facebook  messenger application but now i have find a way to make it into use on all applications and some social medias which are popular and use everyday by some great  online dudes.

If you don't really know what the CHAT HEAD is all about, I will show you the screenshot and describe it a little for you. The chat head is a round circle form notification that pops out whenever you are sent a message and is easy to reply whenever you are on any application as shown below.

Chat head notification 

So I think you will know it now so the importance of this chat head is that It is very useful and make users reply to messages on social platforms easily without leaving their current window or application they are using. The popup brings notification whenever a message arrives and you reply to it without opening the main application.

How can I get or achieve this feature?

Notifly, an android application that will help you reply messages on the fly "get  it?". Although there are other applications that can do this type of thing, but Notifly has more options and better controls than others.

With Notifly, your quick reply and easy reply stuffs will come true so do not miss out and stop struggling or wasting your day on website kindly install this and your message will be coming to your doorstep.

Is just only 2.4mb compressed to apk so download now below.

Download NOTIFLY (file size 2.4mb). Available on playstore too so download here.

Is this  article helpful and what do you have to say about feature and application?

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