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Saturday, 11 June 2016

New Tweaking Free 500MB On Mtn Now Active

Hello blazers, this Mtn free 500mb from Mtn was first enjoyed last year (2015) and it as 250mb by that time but now is 500mb free data and mtn may block it at any time but for now is not yet blocked so that's why I have to post it very fast because is 100% working, verified and even given nafdac number hmmm I don't know how I will convince you.

My friend suggested a tweaking 500mb to me yesterday (10, June 2016) and I was thinking in my mind that the cheat has gone and mtn has blocked it but he urged me to let's give it a try again. So we both tweaked it first time and in my mind, I was thinking that it won't work at all because I don't have mind in it anymore because the first tweaking didn't work out so he tweaked five IMEIs and nothing shows up then him too gave up and as he tweaked the last Imei which he thought was the last imei he will ever tweak, surprisingly it worked out and they gave him free 500mb and that gave me the strength immediately to tweak my too and I also got mine within 5minutes.

So I took the screenshot and decided to share it out for only the blazers only who knows how to tweak also. You may be lucky, a single Imei will just give you the free 500mb from Mtn.

How Can I Get This Free 500MB From Mtn?

Firstly, you must know how to tweak an Imei and analyze Imei so follow the links below and learn that first before skipping to the main topic.
After learning, you can now follow us, so when I was tweaking this Imei the phone name of the phone that I was tweaking to, was HUAWEI so this is the imei below for the tweaking.


You can change the last four digits to any code from your mind but let me tell you the real way I do tweak imei. As those four digits are now, just start from that 9 near the 4 and start tweaking and analyzing it from 0-9 till you complete the digits tweaking.

After tweaking an imei, you will have to send a message with a keyword of MIFI to 131 and immediately you will receive your message from Mtn telling you about the free 500mb and these are three types of messages you will receive when tweaking the IMEIs and don't give up, just follow up.

Bad messages and explanation when tweaking

1. Imei Number validation failed for service 500MB offer bundle

It means your Imei have been tweaked but is not the real Imei that can give you the free data so you have to analyze another Imei.

2. Y'ello! Your Activation to 500MB offer bundle is failed.

It means the imei is correct but because of mtn bad network you can't be given at the moment so you can use SMS bomber or continue tweaking to get it for instantly. So download and sms bomber now by clicking this link Download sms bomber.

The free 500mb message will be in this form below:

Imei number validation successful for service 500MB offer bundle

It means your free 500mb has been given to you, see my screenshot below of the free 500mb when given to me.

Let me make it more clearer to you because some people doubt, so this is it below.

How to check the data balance 

You go to your message and send 2 to 131 and it will display to you and brings out the 500mb data to you.

Note: When using sms bomber, you can also accumulate the free data into 1024MB but that is when your network is very stable and fast.

I hope this article is very helpful to you? You can drop your comments below and you can also drop your comments, if you encounter any difficulties while setting this up. So the cheat blaze and you too start blazing because we are the blazers!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes is real and working... that's the screenshot above.

  2. Replies
    1. Yea is real and it yesterday so start Tweaking now and get yours before it get blocked

  3. Drop ur last imei bcs i hv been tweakin since no success

  4. Drop ur last imei bcs i hv been tweakin since no success

  5. Replies
    1. Analyze those four digits and before tweaking.... Even days has done his own.

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  8. Please the link you dropped to download the 'SMS bomber' after downloading it, my Antivirus showed that the app contains a malware, hacking tool.

    1. I think is because is from website that's why ok you can also download the sms bomber via playstore

  9. Not working, I even tweak up to 10 imei
    This is trash,let's leave it for #Lawma


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