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Thursday, 16 June 2016

New Seven Silly Things Some People Do On Social Media

Now, in all my years of being active on social media, there are a lot of habits most people (including myself) do but in this post, I will list seven of them that are common so that we can learn from our mistakes and eliminate regrets. Let us tell ourselves the truth for once and put the devil to shame.

Asking Someone out on Social media:

Really? Like seriously?  this is the most silly of them all... People who do this really have a lot of issues to settle. Ah mean, if I were a girl and you as guy asks me out on social media to be your girlfrnd, I'd totally look at you as someone who doesn't have confidence in wooing someone physically. Take it or leave it, Its laughable. Here are my reasons, such relationship won't even last because during times of conflict, the person who wooed won't take the "wooee" seriously. For those that find this method to be easy for them, I advise you, if you really want smth real, if you have respect for the guy or girl you wooing, please ask him or her out physically so that it can enable you to see their body languages and the person who you are asking out will know that you are a serious minded person.

Having romantic feelings/crushing for someone on social media who you haven't met physically with yet

Ah mean doesn't this seem so awkward to you? Or should I say laughable? Of course yes the person's comments, online personality, the calls, romantic online gestures will really send butterflies to your stomach but heeeeeeey, slow down! You just haven't met the person yet for goodness sakes! You don't know his/her offline personality yet! He or she may not even be the kind of person you imagined to be. He/she might even have bad breath issues! Yes! Or even worse. So, you gota hold on with that feelings first, meet them in person, have a few dates, then you will be sure to proceed with the love you hav already nutured up for him/her.

Giving way too much information about your personal life on social media

The reasons for this aren't far fetched. Now if I happen to have a misunderstanding with a nairalander and they happen to knw from ur posts that u aren't what u seem to be, they will literally use that evidence against u! And I'm very sure u don't want that. For those spilling way to info abt themselves in their e-diaries, pls watch it. K?

Misjudging someone's online personality as their offline personality

Now just because happen to post nutty, pervy, rash, erm u knw, posing as some sort of bad dude doesn't mean I'm a player offline. Hey! Don't get misguided. A lot of online personalities are really not what they are offline, until u meet them in person den u can actually come to conclusions.

Regarding everyone as Jobless on social media

Hey! Don't be silly! Because mr A's presence online is frequent at intervals doesn't mean you should call him/her jobless. Since you have been monitoring their online activities, who do you think is more jobless? Think befor you act!

Posting Uncivilized/unpolite/rude comments on social media

If you think you are really matured, please ignorance is the best answer. Its silly to exchange rude words with people online. If you are wise, you will keep quiet.

Posting unclad pictures of yourself/your friend, or your sibling on social media

Incase you didn't know, its very silly to do that. There is provision for your personal picture to be displayed in your profile! Some people create threads and upload their pictures or pics of their friends or siblings and demand for opinions on how pretty/handsome they look. Now isn't that silly? Eh? Answer me!


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