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Saturday, 4 June 2016

New Mtn Netloop Free Browsing Using Opera And Tecno Server Now Active

I have been looking for a way to make this browse on mtn using netloop also formally known as simpleserver as the new update. So to get this will require your brain and  is very simple, if only you have used netloop before for any cheat. But do not worry, i am going to balance this tutorial to your full understanding especially for the newbies who want to use netloop.

This tutorial or this cheat will make use of Opera server and tecno server and it work wells on all phone that can download NetLoop VPN.

So how can i browse using NetLoop for Opera server and tecno browser for free?

Firstly download NetLoop from playstore which the link is here below >>Click here to download NetLoop updated version. Then open your NetLoop and do these setiings below in it from these screenshots below as to make it start browsing for free.


Insert in your PROXY HOST and in your PROXY PORT insert 8080 as shown below.

Go to SET CONNECTION MODE and mark LOCAL SERVER as seen in the screenshot below.

Then go to CHOOSE VPN SERVER and mark US SERVER 1 as shown below in this screenshot.

Then enter your  CONNECTION SETTINGS and mark ENABLE PROXY then in your PROXY HOST put and in PROXY PORT put 8080 and then mark ENABLE HEADING TWEAKING just like this below in the following screenshots.


Proxy host 

Then click on CHOOSE TWEAK TYPE and select INJECTION just like this in following screenshot below.

Then mark REVERSE PROXY and go to mark GET in INJECTION MODE as shown below.

Then click on INJECTION QUERY/URL and inset this host url as shown here below in the screenshot.

After that go to INJECTION HOST and insert as shown below in this screenshot.

Then next will be INJECTION LINE which you will mark or enter into 4 shifting line. Just press shifting key on your Android to push down empty four lines as shown below into the following screenshot.

Then you are now through with the connection settings so the next is VPN SETTINGS then go to CONCURRENT CONNECTION and insert 8 as shown in the screenshot below.

Then move to LOCAL SERVER SETTINGS and mark GLOBAL PROXY and then go to LOG LEVEL and mark DEBUG as shown below.

See my connection settings below in this screenshot and note I didn't activate  somethings in it so see it below.

See when my NetLoop  start running below.

After all the settings, you can connect the NetLoop and immediately it will start reading very fast and start downloading unlimitedly from any website or playstore because is unlimited. The downloading speed  is very high!

I hope this is tutorial is very helpful? You can now drop your comment to thank the writer and if you encounter any problem while setting it up kindly tell us about it by dropping it below in comment box below.


  1. Just uploading and downloadin bt cant browser or power any apps

  2. Just uploading and downloadin bt cant browser or power any apps

    1. It can power apps...check all the settings again

  3. Replies
    1. Hmmm is very serious.....

  4. Just counting, not powering any apps not even opera mini

    1. If is not browsing using NetLoop kindly download NETIFY VPN and do the settings on it. It will surely work.

    2. wats ganna be d proxy server?is it or

  5. Tnx bro...working like hell.....netloop is d fastest

  6. d stuff kips reading bt not browsing via netloop... wats d settings for netify VPN? wanna try it on netify VPN...await ur fast responds


      APN Type: default
      Port: 8080


      Download Netify vpn

      Open it and use below settings
      Tick remove port
      Proxy type: Real Host
      Proxy Server: use and of the servers above
      Real Proxy Type: HTTP or DIRECT

      Hit SAVE

      In your HOST ADDRESS: and in your PORT: 8080

      You can use UNITED STATE as your country server.

  7. Pls.. Is it working only on rooted phones?

    1. Is also working on non rooted phones but it won't be fast because of the GLOBAL PROXY that won't be activated.

  8. After putting all the settings my NetLoop was reading speedily but nothing is working both uc, opera play store........ Any help?

  9. I am just shocked when you guys are commenting that is readinf but not powering all applications. If you guys wanna use it on opera change from SOCKET/HTTP to HTTP and in other apps enter your APN SETTINGS and insert the as proxy and in PORT 8080. That's how I set my own and is working even that guys own is working.

  10. Criously is working ooo.if it is counting bt nt browsing is might be bcus ur phone is not rooted therefore it won't work without global proxy

    1. Yes I root my phone before I apply all the settings.

  11. I hv tried and tried, just counting but not powering any apps, even the notify, nothing.... I guess am just gonna hv to wait for d next cheat. 😔

    1. I think this cheat don't work for everybody so you have to wait other cheats because this is my personal cheat cracked by me and I have been receiving many insults from strangers here so if it doesn't work for you kindly try another cheat here.

      Thanks to you all!

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. Lol....if a cheat did nt work 4 u just say is nt working....don't attack d admin...cus dis cheat was tested working by me....dis was one of d reason I stopped posting cheat bcus of insult....even nw mtn magic sim is blazing... BT d procedure is a let bit hard to if u can follow d step just email me @

    1. I have removed the guy comment because it doesn't work for him, he just want to kill himself.

  14. It work for me very fast but now not working again
    Any solution


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