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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

New Mtn Free 150MB For Musicplus Now Active Again On Psiphon And NetLoop

Here again mtn free 150mb for Musicplus now back again and is now active on netloop and Psiphon vpns. This cheat was out before but it was blocked by mtn and now is now back again and is Working fine on psiphon and NetLoop VPN, you can also share or tether it to your pc or laptop for free browsing also. So in this tutorial, I will teach you how to use it but in my next post, I will teach you guys how to renew it also.

How to get this free mtn 150mb for Musicplus?

Go to your message and send K to 5900 and immediately you will receive a confirmation which says:

You have subscribed & you have been rewarded 150MB Data Bundle and unlimited streaming for FREE on Music+. Click to start the music journey.
As shown here below in the screenshot:

So after you have successfully gotten this message, you can now check your data by dialling *559*2# but mtn has problem with the data checking, it no more shows the data but an incomplete word of MUSI but don't mind, you have your data intact.

How to connect the 150MB on psiphon vpn

You connect it on psiphon so that you will be able to use it because you can't use it just like that without using any VPN to boost it.

Download Psiphon and open it then insert all these settings below:

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Mark Remove Port

proxy type: Real Host

proxy server:

Real Proxy type: inject or HTTP

Real proxy port:- 8080

More Option settings 

Host address:

Port: 8080

Under APN Settings 



Port: 8080

See APN settings screenshots:

See the Psiphon screenshots below:

See when my Psiphon connected below:

So start surfing the internet with Psiphon till your hands are tired, don't worry I will post how to renew it on my next update.

So here is how to set the MTN free 150mb on netloop VPN

Install NetLoop from playstore, I mean the updated one kindly click here to download (updated) then open it and insert all this settings below.

Set connection mode: Local server

Choose VPN server: Us server 1

Under connection settings 

Enable Proxy

Proxy host:

Proxy port: 8080

Enable Header Tweaking

Choose tweak type: INJECTION

Injection method: GET

Injection query/url:

Injection host:

Injection line: Enter shift key four times

Under local server settings 

Log level: DEBUG

After that then connect it will start reading like this below:

So I hope is helpful? If is helpful to you or it work for you kindly drop your comment below and make sure you install our Android application and do visit our website for more updates. We give award the blazerwap fans that do contribute to topics most which means your comments will be rewarded, if you can get to the top.

Do you encounter any problem while setting it up kindly drop comment below and we will help you immediately because we are active 24hours.

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  1. Replies
    1. Shift key Is like arrow in your keypad, it just give a shift whenever you press it.

      CLICK here to see the image of what SHIFT KEY is.

    2. Ok, the key to enter the line.

    3. Yes is the key to shift empty space or paragraph

  2. not working with simple server on pc, pls post the setting for pc

    1. Sorry the settings for pc SimpleServer is not yet working...Connect your Psiphon and use pdanet to tether it.

  3. Sorryyy! I have tried it over and over again,its not connecting, i dnt know why,help

    1. Recently mtn has blocked the vpn settings so that it won't connect so when they have unblocked it, I will update you here in just stay tuned.


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