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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Mark Zuckerberg Twitter, Linkindin And Pininterest Accounts Got Ha^cked

Facebook C.E.O Mark Zuckerberg 

I was very surprised hearing the news that mark Zuckerberg accounts got jacked or ha< ked which sounding useless hmmm a whole facebook CEO was not able to use  strong password but just a very simple password which can be guessed by even a small little baby.

If anyone told you that Facebook CEO - Mark Zuckerberg- which is also the owner of Whatsapp Messenger has been ha^cked, would you believe?, Mark Zuckerberg was very shocked today that his account has been tampered with, which are his Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest online accounts, which were hac^ked through his weak and able to guess password.

Mark says he hardly use those accounts and people are also wondering that a whole Mark the owner of the biggest online social media website uses a weak password. Not only that, but he used it in three of his online social media accounts. I will say he was lucky he didn't use the same weak password in his Facebook account. Who knows what would have happened.

See The Password he used for his accounts

You can imagine that a whole Mark Zuckerberg used just dadada as his password in three of his account, is just like a disgrace hmmm I don't know what's actually I should call this act.

All i can say to you guys is to use a very strict password that consist of upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers all together.  With this type of password, you will be safe from hi-jackers hmmm I can even say that you can never be ha<ked if you use this type password.

And also, never use a password in two different accounts, because its never safe. Try to use a password you can easily remember and never use names of any members of your family or even your name as your password. If you keep to this type of passwords, you won't be ha^ked easily.

So I will tell you guys to play safe with your password and do not take your password to play except the account is not needed again to you.

So tell us what you have to say about this mark Zuckerberg accounts that has been hi-ja<ked?


  1. "dadada" funny! This shouldn't be happening to such a person, but we're all human beings and we always find a way to be 'STUPID'


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