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Thursday, 9 June 2016

How To Use N1,000 Bonus On Mtn Startpack To Get 10GB Valid For 6Months

You guys knows as usual that we do let our users blaze without lacking data or megabyte. As we all know that startpack is now a new plan or tariff from Mtn and they offers 500% from every recharges so if you load 100naira you will be given free N600 airtime bonus.

10GB screenshot 

Let me give you example, assuming you recharged N100, MTN will give you N600 airtime in return. If you recharge N1000, they will give you a massive N6000 in return. That's nice right, if you look at it, you don't need a prophet or magician to tell you it is much better than GLO Bumpa which offers 200% (percent) bonus for every recharge you make on the plan.

With this thread or tutorial, you don't need to use any VPN like sypon shield, Psiphon and many others. Is just a bonus from your recharge that you will use for the subscription of the 10GB and is also a normal data which you can check with the official code.

MTN StartPack Tariff Plan Offers

=> You get massive 500% bonus on EVERY recharge, but valid for only 7days
=> You get 10MB on EVERY recharge of N200 and above, but unfortunately, it valids for just 2 days.
=> Load N100 and get N600
=> Load N200 and get N1200
=> Load N500 and get N3000
=> Other offers inclusive.

Requirements for this mtn startpack 10GB

>>You need a new startpack Mtn sim
>>Registered mtn sim
>>N1000 handy
>>Phone and sometimes your apply brain because is the important thing you need here lol am just joking ooo but make sure you apply it.

How to get the 1000naira for 10GB

1. First of all get a new MTN SIM on the STARTPACK tariff plan

2. Register it and wait for it to get activated

3. Now recharge N100 and you will be given N500 bonus for calls and to browse the Internet

4. Just ignored using it for calling but use it only for browsing.

5. Remember that N500 bonus will give you 1GB data for browsing

6. Now when you recharge 10 times with N100, you will be given whopping 10GB data and your N1000 will still remain intact.

7. At this point, you can easily use the N1000 to later make calls or activate the popular MTN 1.5GB for N1000 data plan. This will even increase your available data more. Making it a massive 11.5GB.


=> All internet enabled android phones
=> All Internet enabled iOS devices
=> All internet enabled windows phones
=> All Java and Symbian phones with internet connectivity
=> Laptops & Modems
=> Blackberry devices.

Which also means it works for all devices.

How to check the data balance?

To check your MTN 10gb StartPack data balance, dial *556# or *559#.

How to subscribe after getting  the 1,000 bonus

To subscribe is so easy you go to your message and send 116 to 131 and immediately you grab  your data.

What's the validity period?

It valid for 6months.


Let me make it more simple and clearer to you guys a more understandable method. I hope you are aware that MTN offers 10GB data plan with N5000. Good! Now calculate what amount of airtime you will get as bonus when you recharge N1000 on the StartPack package

Remember you get N500 bonus when you recharge with N100. Now if you recharge with N1000, the total bonus will be N5000 and as i directed on this post, don't make calls with the bonus airtime yet but u can use the accomplied 10mb to browse. Then use the bonus airtime (N5000) to subscribe for MTN 10GB data plan by sending an SMS 116 to 131.

I hope this tutorial is helpful to you? If you encounter any problem while carrying this plan out kindly drop your comment below and we will help you immediately because we are active here always. So start blazing!


  1. Thanks i will give it a try but after i get the 1000naira bonus from mtn, i will then use it for subscription right?

    1. Yes you will send an SMS of 116 to 131

  2. I had a friend who bought a new sim b4 dis post and usually get 500% of is recharge but whenever he want to use d bonus to subscribe he get message saying u have insufficient balance.. Is dere a particular type of new sim?

    1. Is meant for new Startpack Tariff Sims not old Sims.

  3. Yes I know, it is a new sim he just bought it 2days ago and he is on startpack tariff

    1. Hmmmm but according to this tutorial it works perfectly


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